They tell that pets rise to bear a resemblance to their human partners, but at times they could also appear unpredictably parallel to persons they’ve most probably never walked through the lane with. Here are some furred feathered and intelligent animals resembling a celeb that might or might not be buttered up by the contrast.

Sometimes, the persona of an animal denotes the way their famous counterparts are. And another, the wild twins share distinct physical features including eyes, nose, and hair.

But what we assure you is every judgment is entertaining and bit perceptive. Let’s go through the photographic proof of how closely the stars look like the critters.




1. Samuel L. Jackson


Jackson is an American actor and also a film producer. Oh yes, say 'hi' to his doppelganger, Samuel L. Dogson. Has that dog gone under scissor for looking like the Samuel L. Jackson? But we can believe that this dog must be way polite than Jackson. Now, it’s time to place another wax statue of Dogson at Madama Tussauds New York.

2. Snoop Dogg

We know Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. aka Snoop Dogg is professional American singer, rapper, and businessperson. But what we don’t know is his real love for dogs. He is dog-father of 11 puppies of different sizes, types, and attitude-from pamper baby to a gangster. Seems like his passion for dogs has turned him to look like them, lucky he.


3. Richard Branson

Apart from business tycoon, investor, and philanthropist, Richard Branson is also a twin of this lovable pup. Also, the dog seems more like Branson himself does.

4. Vladimir Putin


The President of Russia and previous KGB Lieutenant Colonel, Vladimir Putin here is competed by a dog here. Putin is tough with other nations who oppose with his opinions but the pooch next to him has nothing to do with power and rule. Though the dog near to give that piercing look just as his human doppelganger, but the result is different.

5. Adrien Brody

The inspiring actor and producer, Adrien Brody has also got his counterpart that looks similar to him. Or we can say, this Lesula monkey has found his twin. Even the expression is familiar, that’s pretty cool no?


6. Rowan Sebastian Atkinson/Mr. Bean

Widely known as Mr. Bean, Rowan Sebastian Atkinson is an English actor and screenwriter. But recently, we have detected his mirror image. This owl totally poses and gives expressions like Mr. Bean does. Must say, ‘Nailed it!’

7. Benedict Cumberbatch


An English actor, Benedict Cumberbatch also weirdly reflects an Otter in this picture. It is said that all his facial expressions and hair designs strongly resemble the dogs. It’s time to change the twin, right Mr. Cumberbatch?

8. Adolf Hitler

Woah, looks like it's Hitler reincarnation as a cat. I mean look at that facial expression it looks literally same along with that little mustache. Though this cat looks far more intelligent and approachable than the Chancellor of German.


9. Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford known as an American actor and producer and also a doppelganger of this cutie pooch. Her name is Indiana and is giving a tough completion to Ford with that evil smile. We need to wait for their combo movie from now.

10. John Travolta


This American Bulldog looks just like American actor, producer, singer and dancer, John Travolta. It was said that Travolta's name was on the list for adopting this deaf dog ‘Boof’ in 2016 from South Australian Dog Rescue. Though, it is not sure that if Travolta has adopted that dog or not but it literally represents his looks.

11. Rihanna

Twenty-nine years old Rihanna has got maximum hairstyles till day than remaining people get a life. Although she doesn’t appear in animal form, this hairdo has made her look that way. This sensational singer looks just similar to an alpaca, domestic animals of South American. It is not good to say but though she sings like a sheep, here she appears like an alpaca.


12. Sofia Vergara

That highly expressive face of Sophia Vergara has given her beasty twin like a hyena. This ‘Modern Family’ actress is so piercing, lively and bright that even her laugh in the series reminds hyena in many minds. From attitude to powerful face expression, she resembles a brutal animal, hyena.

13. Donald Trump


Here we introduce the twin of 45th President of the U.S.A, a smiling sloth. What are we going to call the twin of Trump? Sub-president or upcoming president? Whatever it is but that this sloth from ‘The Goonies’ is getting in popularity due to his Trumpy look.

14. Nicki Minaj

This melon cat completely reflects American singer, Nicki Minaj, looks like that melon helmet. Though Nicki is always experimental with her looks and recently we can see the style evolution there, but this neon hair wig is a complete disaster. Even that cat is looking better in front of her.


15. Cher

Wow, that luscious long hair! Everybody is curious about the shampoo of this beautiful actress and singer that has grown her hair so amazing. Oh yes, we can ask this Afghan hound too, I mean they look comparable from their hair to a long face. We must admit that they are nailing this sexy look.

16. Kaley Cuoco


An American actress, Kaley Christine Cuoco is enjoying her days with her newly made twin, ostrich. They both have same laughter and can easily turn their face into funny one. Seems like both are born to rule the Hollywood with their amazing looks and expressions.

17. Miley Cyrus

Cool, this giraffe knows better how to get that party look and mood. Have to wonder if they both were high when they had this picture taken. That giraffe perhaps got over fruit trees time and again and gone wild. Or Miley is that one?


18. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal, a famous tennis player from Spain also called “The King of Clay” has found his twin brother, capybaras. With their similar expression of aggression and excitement, they are declared as new twins in the world. Lucky that capybaras to get in the limelight without any struggle.

19. Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga performs like a storm, all sweating and hand banging, but we are 100% sure she wasn't probably trying to look similar to this Chinese crested dog. This dog wins the title of the ugliest dog almost in every year contest. These two needs just a great grooming and some refreshment to reduce that smelly look.

20. Peyton Manning

A former footballer, Peyton Manning is over social media along with his look alike. And it’s none other than but a dog. We can say the dog looks more like Peyton than the actual Peyton does. This little doggie is very weird with his expression and yet appears very funny when compared to Peyton’s face.