They tell that pets rise to bear a resemblance to their human partners, but at times they could also appear unpredictably parallel to persons they’ve most probably never walked through the lane with. Here are some furred feathered and intelligent animals resembling a celeb that might or might not be buttered up by the contrast.

Sometimes, the persona of an animal denotes the way their famous counterparts are. And another, the wild twins share distinct physical features including eyes, nose, and hair.

But what we assure you is every judgment is entertaining and bit perceptive. Let’s go through the photographic proof of how closely the stars look like the critters.




Samuel L. Jackson

Snoop Dogg

Richard Branson

Vladimir Putin

Adrien Brody

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson/Mr. Bean

Benedict Cumberbatch

Adolf Hitler

Harrison Ford

John Travolta


Sofia Vergara

Donald Trump

Nicki Minaj


Kaley Cuoco

Miley Cyrus

Rafael Nadal

Lady Gaga

Peyton Manning


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