Fun and laughter are necessary for living a healthy life. Here comes a full of funny and ‘oh no’ moment in pictures of travelers around the world. You will surely get WTF and seriously shout for clarification after watching these pictures. Let’s move forward for screening out these lol-worthy poses and snaps.


1. Finally got some nice booties

Poses are powerful and sometimes…humorous too. And thing would be more interesting if you got some great booties to pose, whoa! Among that embarrassment, we can still find creativity and fun. Keep posing lady!

2. Nothing is more important than photography


A man is more focused on his photography skills rather than his showing off his big fat belly. It calls ‘a photo worth thousand words’. You go man!

3. Sun, Sand, and flower in hand!

Find out perfect match between his shirt and the flower. He looks more beautiful and free just like Ocean. Isn't the man looking Funny?


4. Victoria's Secret's new angel

This happens when you take “Man and woman are equal” slogan too seriously. Or he might not have taken his friends while shopping these outfits. And we are more than sure that those shorts didn’t say they are for unisex too.

5. Love beyond Infinity !!


Look at this couples and imagine how much they love each other? Everyone likes to capture a nice memory and snaps in foreign places. This couple is busy making love where other are enjoying the view of Taj Mahal.

However, this guy extraordinarily made this pic more funny and viral.

6. Flaunting his summer body in swimsuit

YOLO! You still not confident about your summer body? A Swiss tourist was all setting fire in Pampelonne Beach, France in his amusing swimsuit. He is the inspiration for every thick woman hesitating to show-off their beautiful body in a bikini.


7. Leopard too wants a selfie

The tourist was enjoying the safari in Serengeti Park in Tanzania, but nobody let him knew what was going on. Everybody loves to have a snap during vacation and why not animals? This Leopard is slaying the picture with that curious look on camera.

8. Best Photobomb ever


This photo bomber has planned to boaster the most embarrassing and absurd poses. Even animals are not going with the trend of photobombing. If you still are clueless about what we are saying, look behind a woman (laugh). Animals are being more desperate and unpredictable these days.

9. Snow White got checked

Police got some serious defects on Snow White body parts. Actually, that is ‘He’ Snow White who got arrested when he denied paying the cab fee. Don’t ever disguise yourself to cheat people otherwise you too will be checked from each and everywhere!


10. Here is going something insane

WTF is going on there? Like really? This officer is going insane over that guy. Though it might be hurtful for the person seems very embarrassing and comical to the spectators. P.S.- Never mess with shamus!

11. Mischief at its height


Vacations are not only for having fun staying away from home but also clicking like-worthy shots around statues. This humorous guy had chosen the weird way of posing and getting maximum likes without revealing his face. Or who knows, he might be learning more as a biology student!

12. Robbed tourist on the town

Somebody please him to find Tim Tebow rather than throwing a coin. Some tourists on board are likely to face this situation cause there are so many Tim Tebows. Drinking is always injurious to health, if not to your wallet.


13. Giant poop ever

What wrong is he doing? At last all dumps are taken to the sea, so it’s not bad to poop on the shore either. And that’s completely normal thing done by tourist, right? We are glad that he shared his picture with us. Keep progressing dude!

14. These folks are having real fun


There must be going Man vs. Statue season. Our granny is having fun with mermaid during his vacation. We guarantee, he has gone to places with that “cool” personality. Hope, Granny haven’t viewed this picture yet (laugh).

15. Weird family

Family pictures are always heart melting and it would turn to bestest if that is taken with a big warm laugh that reminds the past. But, it will give you more happiness while watching this kind of picture after 20 years. And yes, these parents are enjoying their vacation with full passion even ignoring their howling girls. You girls are spoilsports!


16. Close your eyes children

“But Daddy you told there won’t be any learning during this vacation”. People especially kids want to spend their trips with no teachers and books. But these odd turtles didn’t let them go without a bit of sex education.

17. Parents are on fleek


 “Dear kids, we are tired of you all. We wish we could send back from where you all came from. Life was better without you craps so goodbye and let us enjoy our vacation.” These are the coolest parents on this globe, we wish someone digs a large sinkhole for them too.

18. Spoilsport detected

After seeing this picture we can definitely say that kids are not from God but they are ‘gosh’. This would be a great father-son picture to hang on the wall of home but this little brat was not happy to see them happy. But yet, he is going to laugh out loud at his youth while watching this shot.


19. Wow! She Looks hot with Monkey

Is there anyone luckier than this monkey? How well you can define this picture?

I think this quote well suits on this picture. If money grew on trees Girls wouldn’t mind dating monkeys. LOL!!

20. Hello baby girl


“Oh, what a lovely girl! Let me say ‘hi’ to her. She looks like my children, very innocent. Stop, what for? I am not here to swallow you. We don’t kill other living creature like you humans do.”

21. These guys are dying single

 “Aww, that’s very romantic pose.” No, no, don’t misunderstand I am not talking about you two guys. Look behind; they look lovely together on a Cobblestone Street. What? What you mean by they are ugly? At least they are not dying single.


22. A very seducing man

The man in the next is nailing this pose with his classic expression. This is the perks of going single in vacations; you can do whatever you like at any place. No, I’m not talking about what you thinking (wink). Okay, there is also a girl, right? Wait, what? She is copying that man.

23. Take a chill pill


Yes, beer gets us little high but, this picture has so many things to be answered. I mean, why is he seminude? Or is he posing for magazines or what? Though, let's not disturb him now.

24. That overwhelming vacation

This photo will be kept in social media with a caption like, “This was the first time we went over oceans and discovered a fun game called 'swing your children up in the air'. It was fun to play there and we enjoyed our vacation a lot.”


25. Fun in the sun

These beautiful girls were liked most by the stingray during their holiday at Stingray Island. The happy bubbly girls were all sticking in terror when the sea creature photobombed their snap. Sometimes we have to welcome the unexpected guest as well girls.