David Hyde Pierce is 58-year-old American actor, director, and comedian famed for his role as Niles Crane in TV show Fraiser. Here we look at some unknown facts about him.

Quick facts about David Hyde Pierce

Full Name: David Hyde Pierce

Born: April 3rd, 1959

Age: 58 years

Birth Place: Saratoga Springs, New York

Ethnicity: White Profession: Actor, Comedian, Director

TV Shows/Movies: Fraiser, Beyond Therapy

Years Active: 1982-present

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Brian Hargrove

Sexuality: Gay


1. David Hyde is the winner of four Emmy Awards

David Hyde has had an amazing acting career ever since he debuted onto the acting scene in 1982. In this period of time he has gotten a record 11 Emmy Award nominations and has been able to bag the Outstanding Character Award a record 4 times, a fete that hat has gone to inscribe his name onto the history books of the Emmy Awards and ensuring that when legends are mentioned he does feature on the list.

2. David Hyde had to revert to his middle name to avoid confusion

There can be nothing more troubling to your own piece of mind than having someone with a similar first name and surname in the same vicinity as you. It helps fuel confusion that comes with responding to the wrong call and cases of mistaken identity at most times. To ensure that he doesn’t have to go through this harrowing experience, David Pierce opted to use his middle name ‘Hyde’ in order to create a distinction between him and another actor by the same name, David Pierce with whom he worked together on several productions. In the end, it’s been David Hyde’s name that has been prominent over that of his namesake who we actually don’t know where he faded into.


3. David Hyde directed student production at Yale

While undertaking his studies at Yale University, David Hyde worked on and produced several student productions that got featured in the institutions' various festivals and events and also as documentaries on national channels. This experience helped to develop his amazing directing skills that have been the source of many blockbuster movies that have been under his directing.

4. David Hyde is openly gay

Without fear of fervor, David Hyde has come out in the open to state that he is homosexual and has no shame about it. His partner since 2008 is American producer Brian Hargrove with whom they tied the knot in a small ceremony in 2008. The ceremony was private and no one in the media scene ever seemed to get wind of it up until the time when David came out in the open to speak of his partner whom he describes as the reason behind his success as he has been very supportive of him and has always been there to ensure that he has a helping hand.