43 Year old Holly Marie Combs is an American actress and TV producer famed for her acting roles on Picket Fences, Charmed and Pretty Little Liars. Her acting roles have garnered her lot of fame around the world but a lot remains unknown about this beautiful actress and here we look at some of them. 


Quick facts about Holly Marie Combs

Full Name: Holly Marie Combs

Born: 3rd December 1973

Age: Turning 44 years

Birth Place: San Diego, California, USA

Ethnicity: White

Profession: Actress, TV producer

TV Shows/Movies: Picket Fences, Charmed, Pretty Little Liars

Years Active: 1985-present

Net Worth: Unknown

Marital Status: Divorced

Spouse(s):  Bryan Travis Smith (div.1997) David Donoho (div.2011)

Children: Finley Arthur Donoho, Riley Edward Donoho, Kelley James Donoho


1. Holly Marie is of Irish ancestry

A look at Holy Marie and you would tell that she does not seem like one made up of purely one blood as there is some contrast between her and the typical kind of Americans more so those born in San Diego where she is from. Well, it so happens that her grandparents are of Irish ancestry and relocated to the USA after the first World War and that is how Holly Marie would later com up to be born in The USA.

2. Holly Marie has been married and divorced twice

You will be right if you say that Holly Marie has not been lucky when it comes to the game of love as she has had to marriages both of which have ended up in divorce. Marie got married to her longtime boyfriend Bryan Travis Smith in 1993 in a colorful wedding. The marriage would only last for 4 years and they would end up divorcing in 1997. In 2004, Marie tied the knot for the second time to one David Donoho with whom they have three daughters and unlike the last marriage, this one would go past the 4 year mark but would not survive past the 7th. They got divorced in 2011 citing irreconcilable differences. Currently, she remains unmarried and has not revealed anything about her dating life.

3. Holly Marie was born of a teenage mum

Holly Marie was born of her mother when she a very young girl, at just 15 years of age. Her mother and father would not let this be a turn off to them and so took Marie as a blessing and raised to be a woman that stands for nothing but her true value and what defines her.

4. Holly Marie is a spokesperson for breast cancer

When not somewhere in Hollywood working on the production of a new movie or TV show, Holly Marie spares her time to share with the community of women in the USA that are affected by breast cancer and has stood out as a spokesperson for several of the organizations that push for the welfare of women affected by breast cancer. She has used her influence as an actress to create awareness about this menace. 

5. Holly Marie’s favorite hobby is gardening

With a heart that goes beyond all possible measure when it comes to caring, Holly Marie has extended this hear to the botanic world as she takes time off on her favorite hobby which is gardening in her backyard.

6. Holly Marie is a pet lover

Holly Marie shares a huge love for pets and together with her 3 children; she has several of them including 3 horses. 4 fish, 6 dogs, 2 cats and 2 rabbits which she describes as part of her family.

7. Holly Marie has a scar on her eyebrow

Any keen observer of Holly Marie must have noticed that she has a scar on her eyebrow. Holly Marie says that she sustained the injury as a toddler when learning to walk.