Girl Falls From The Bus And Video Emerges As Head Spits, Full Story

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11 years old girl who fell from the bus and her head split.

In rural Colorado, an 11-year-old girl died after tripping while running to catch her school bus and being run over by the moving wheels.

The Garfield County Coroner's office verified that Annaliese Buckner was killed in the event, which happened around 7.30 am. Thursday in Parachute, roughly 40 miles northwest of Grand Junction.

Graphic: Girl Falls From The Bus And Her Head Splits - Video de Twitter

The girl fell from the bus and her head splits, and it's unclear whether or not authorities have video of the incident. Backner, who went by the nickname Anna, was a sixth-grader at Grand Valley Middle School.

Her parents, who have chosen anonymity, have released her photo and identity to the world according to Beckner's death prompted a statement from Garfield County School District No. 16, which includes Grand Valley Middle School. 

District 16 had provided mental health and grieving support to kids, staff, and the community, and will continue to do so. 

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Who Was The Girl Falls From The Bus And Her Head Splits?

The girl who fell from the bus and had her head split was recognized as Annaliese Buckner. Parachute is a small town in Garfield County, located halfway between Rifle and Grand Junction.

According to US Census data, it has a population of around 1400 people. She was hurrying to reach her yellow school bus when she tripped and fell beneath its wheels, according to the Town of Parachute Police Department.

Backner was pronounced dead at the scene by Parachute Police and Grand Valley Fire. After preliminary inquiries, the death of the young girl was considered an accident. 

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What Is The Girl Falls From The Bus And Her Head Splits Video Reaction?

The girl Fell from the bus, and her head split, creating national news. The media was covering the news those have been shared on Twitter.

The Girl who fell from the school bus
The Girl who fell from the school bus

According to ABC News affiliate KJCT, a small girl followed the bus after it had already departed the bus stop after picking up other children.

"We're all in shock," Wendy Thibault explained. "It's a small town," she said. She went on to say that the community will band together to help the family heal and recover.

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