Who Is Glacia Robinson Married To? Singer Bio And Testimony Detailed Video And Facts

Glacia Robinson
Glacia Robinson

Glacia Robinson started singing at a young age and shortly earned her name in the musical world. 

A famous singer Glacia Robinson is a multi-award winner with several hit albums. She is a songwriter, producer, and composer, serving several years in the musical industry. 

Over the years, her followers have loved the singer and her music while looking up to her. She is also notable as the miracle singer who came back from the brink of death after suffering from an illness for over five years. 

She did not give up until the end and kept moving, which inspired her followers. Learn more about the singer who has captivated her admirer's heart for several years. 

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What Is Singer Glacia Robinson Age? 

Singer Glacia Robinson might be in her 40s age, considering her years of experience and achievements in the musical field. Her birthdate is yet to be available to her followers. 

However, one of the Facebook Users who stated Robinson as her boss wished her birthday on 22 March. Taking that into account, her sun sign is Aries, known for having impulsive and fun-loving activities. 

She is a native of the island of Jamaica, earning fame with national and international engagements. As an artist, she started singing at the age of four. 

Soon after completing high school, she joined Youth With A Mission (YWAM) club in Canada and Jamaica, enhancing her skills. 

She has been active in her musical career for decades, and the singer has won several awards for herself over the years. 

Meet Singer Glacia Robinson Husband And Children

Singer Glacia Robinson is married to her beloved husband Emerson Ally for a long term. She previously thanked him for her completion doctorate. 

Glacia and her husband seem to have a beautiful family. However, there are no records of the couple having children to date. 

Glacia  previously mentioned, "There's now a doctor in the house; I must thank the Heart of Christian University, Dr Dornett McIntosh, Reverend McLean, and an extra special thanks to my darling husband Emerson Ally, my family as well as my destiny helpers."

She lives with her producer husband Emerson in New York. They have great chemistry with each other and previously composed music and lyrics together, "We are One," for charity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

At the time, the pair came to the public attention after deciding to share the song with Food For The Poor, an international relief and development organization, as a rallying cry for helping others. 

More On Glacia Robinson Testimony Video

Glacia Robinson's testimony video has recently been circulating, holding a powerful presence on social media. In the clip, she mentions, encouraging her viewers, 

"If you are still breathing, then God is not finished with you. His plan and His purpose still stand firm for your life."

"In a nutshell, I'd like to share my testimony with you; I was sick for five and a half years..." To know more about the video, it is readily available on YouTube. 

Glacia Robinson Net Worth In 2022 With New Releases

Glacia Robinson estimated net worth might be over a million in 2022. She is a veteran singer won has won multiple awards with her hit albums. 

Her new release, "Hold My Hand Today," has won over her followers' hearts.