Grace Hightower De Niro is the African-American wife of Hollywood actor and two-time Oscar Award winner, Robert De Niro who is famed for his various acting roles on several blockbuster movies among them ‘Hands of Stone’. Grace is also an actress, a singer and previously worked with the Trans World Airlines as a flight attendant. Grace is a famed philanthropist world over and has also been known for pushing for the cause of women in the society. 

Quick facts about Grace Hightower:

Full Name: Grace Hightower De Niro

Born: 7th April 1955

Age: 62 years

Birth Place: Kilmichael, Mississippi, USA

Ethnicity: African American/ Blackfoot Indian

Height: 5’7’’

Profession: Actress, singer, flight attendant

Movies: Precious and Paperboy

Airlines: Trans World Airlines

Net Worth: $16 million

Marital Status: Married

Spouse: Robert De Niro (m.1997)

Children: 2


Grace Hightower’s wiki

Grace Hightower was born in 1955 in Mississippi, USA and her current age is 62 years. She grew up in a family that was African-American with Blackfoot Indian ancestry. Hers wasn’t a wealthy family as she and her eleven siblings and parents had to live on a farm. Not being one to be held back by her poor background she has worked hard to grow her net worth to $16 million as of 2016. She is Robert De Niro’s wife and being married to this actor made her name to become synonymous with the showbiz industry. They have been married for 20 years since 1997 and together they have two children; Elliot and Grace.

Grace Hightower’s age

American philanthropist Grace Hightower was born of a poor Mississippi family on April 7th, 1955 and her current age is 62 years of age as at 2017. Despite her advancing age, Grace Hightower has been able to remain relevant in the entertainment industry and has not faded away like most of the high profile celebs her age have done in the past.

Grace Hightower as Robert De Niro’s wife

Grace Hightower has been Robert De Niro’s wife for 20 years now since they got married in a colorful wedding in 1997. This was ten years after they first met in a Chinese Restaurant in London back in 1987. She being Robert De Niro’s wife is not something that can be said happened in automation as the two had to be friends and then date for almost ten years before tying the knot. As Robert De Niro’s wife, Grace has come to be known in the media circles as a woman who strives to keep her family grounded even in times of crisis as was even during their divorce proceedings in 2001. Robert had filed for divorce and was suing for custody of their son Elliot but the two were able to settle the issue in 2004 as they renewed their marriage vows which ensured that Grace remains to be Robert De Niro’s wife.

Grace Hightower’s children

As Robert De Niro’s wife, Grace Hightower has been able to give birth to the couple’s first child, Elliot in 1998 and later on in 2011 had a daughter, Grace, through a surrogate mom. The two children have been a bundle of joy for the couple. Besides the fact that her husband Robert has other children from his previous marriages, this has not affected how Grace interacts with all of these children and is said to be kind to each and every one of them.

Grace Hightower’s net worth

Grace Hightower through from a poor background has been able to work hard in her careers as a singer, actress and flight attendant and has so far as of 2016 amassed a total net worth of $16 million according to the This net worth is quite impressive for a lady like her and it is expected that it will rise soon.