How Old Is Gretchen Evans? Commander Sergeant Received Pat Tillman Award

Gretchen Evans is a retired Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army.
Gretchen Evans is a retired Command Sergeant Major, U.S. Army.

Gretchen Evans is a 61 years old native of Abilene, Texas, who began her journey in the military as an Intelligence Analyst for Commander in Chief, Europe, in 1979.

Evans is known as one of the most dignified female veterans in U.S. history, and she recently got awarded with Pat Tillman Award for her Service during the ESPYS.

Gretchen Evans Age: How Old Is She?

Gretchen Evans is 61 years old, born around 1960, but her actual date of birth is missing on the internet. She first enlisted at 19 in 1979, enthusiastic about supporting herself and learning new skills.

The 61 years old Gretchen Evans in her uniform.
The 61 years old Gretchen Evans in her uniform.( Source : merlinmobility )

Evans is an alma mater of Saginaw Valley State University, where she earned a B.A. in Sociology and spent her entire adult life in the military. Throughout her journey, the Command Sergeant Major has suffered several injuries and lost many loved ones in the battle.

Moreover, while serving in Afghanistan, Gretchen once lost all hearing while suffering a traumatic brain injury and internal injuries during a fire in 2006. After the incident, she applied for the No Barriers program to start a new journey and participated in her 1st No Barriers Warriors program in 2017.

Gretchen Evans Wikipedia: The Command Sergeant Major

Gretchen is a retired Command Sergeant Major who served 27 years in the military before serving as a mentor, coach, and community activist.

When the CSM served in the U.S. Army, she worked as the squad leader to Command Sergeant Major for LTG Karl Eikenberry, Commander, and Combined Forces Afghanistan from 2004 to 2006. 

Furthermore, Evans led more than 30,000 ground troops in Afghanistan and has served nationwide and overseas, including several combat deployments. At the Defense Language Institute, she studied German and Italian in Monterey, California.

Gretchen Evans Became The Pat Tillman Award Recipient

One of the most dignified female veterans in U.S. history, Gretchen has earned numerous medals and awards for her outstanding performance.

She got accoladed with the Combat Action Badge, the Presidential Unit Citation Medal, the Bronze Star, Global War on Terrorism ribbons, 6 Meritorious Service Medals, and numerous other awards. 

Furthermore, Evans received the Saginaw Valley State University Veteran Alumni of the Year in 2016 and got inducted into the U.S. Army Women's Hall of Fame in March 2021. Moreover, the Command Sergeant Major won the Pat Tillman Award for her Service during the ESPYS in July 2022.

Gretchen Evans Husband And Family Life

Evans is married to her life partner Robert D. Evans, a Navy veteran, but they hadn't revealed when they tied the knot and took the wedding vows.

The pair might have met while serving in the U.S. army and fell for each other; later, they walked down the aisle, settled, and now reside in Brunswick, ME.

However, they don't seem to have children as no intel about their kids is available on the internet. However, the couple has two service dogs, namely Aura and Rusty.

Moreover, Gretchen and Robert haven't made their account on social networking sites and shared their lifestyle on Instagram and Twitter. Yet, we presume they are living happily ever after with the love and support of each other. And hopefully, they will open up about their lifestyle in the upcoming days.