Hannah Bagshawe is a Public Relations Executive and the wife of actor Eddie Redman. Hannah Bagshawe, Publicist, and Eddie Redmayne's wife is a native of London born to her parents Caryl Bagshawe and Nicholas Bagshawe. Hannah studied at the University of Edinburgh earning a masters degree in English Literature and French. Hannah has held very notable positions in her career as Head of Communications and Communications/PR in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. The 33-year-old PR executive wife and her husband are proud parents of a baby girl named Iris Mary Redman.


Hannah Bagshawe quick facts

Birth name: Hannah Bagshawe 

Birth year: 1983 

Age: 33 years

 Parents: Caryl Bagshawe and Nicholas Bagshawe

 Married: Yes 

Spouse: Eddie Redmayne 

Child: Iris Mary Redman 

Education: University of Edinburgh 

Profession: Publicist, PR Executive


Let us have a look at some of the 5 interesting things that you did not know about Hannah Bagshawe, Publicist, and Eddie Redmayne's wife

1. Hannah Bagshawe has worked with Mergermarket Ltd

After graduating, Hannah served at different investment banks such as the Societe Generale, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse. She went ahead to join Mergermarket Ltd in August 2006 taking the role of Global Head of Public Relations of Mergermarket Ltd. Hannah climbed the ladder to become Head of Communications Europe for Mergermarket Ltd. Hannah Bagshawe wаѕ in charge of all Communications/PR асrоѕѕ Mergermarket Group in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.


2. Hannah met Eddie Redmayne in College

Hannah and Eddie, who are currently married, reportedly met while schooling at Eton College and started out as friends having bumped into each other at a charity event. Later on, Hannah Bagshawe went to the University of Edinburgh for a Masters degree in English Literature and French while Eddie went to Trinity College in Cambridge. As all love stories unfold, the two took their relationship to another level as Eddie Redmayne fell head over heels in love with his financial publicist woman and began dating in January 2012.

3. Hannah and Eddie Redmayne got engaged over Memorial Day weekend in 2014

Eddie Redmayne and his girlfriend Hannah got engaged over the Memorial Day weekend in 2014 with their engagement announcement going as “Mr. E.J.D. Redmayne and Miss H.J. Bagshawe. The engagement is announced between Edward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Redmayne of London, and Hannah, daughter of Mr. Nicholas Bagshawe and Mrs. Caryl Bagshawe, both of London.” The news of their engagement spread far and wide and the lovebirds could not wait to spend the rest of their lives together.