Who Is Hansi Hansmann? All Details To Know About The Investor And Advisor At Ventures

Hansi Hansmann posing for a picture ( Source : Youtube )

Discussions on Hansi Hansmann, a highly sought-after figure in the world of financial investments, are currently taking over the internet. People want to know if he has a Wikipedia page or not. Johann Hansmann is his true name.

After successfully completing a management buyout of a sizable pharmaceutical plant and exiting in 2003, he gained years of entrepreneurial experience managing his own pharmaceutical company in Spain.

His extensive operational knowledge and practical suggestions are highly valued by founders. Few view him as a business angel; the majority consider him a buddy.

Is Hansi Hansmann Available On Wikipedia?

Despite being well-known in the financial industry, Hansi Hansmann does not yet have a Wikipedia article. He doesn't appear to be bothered by the lack of a Wikipedia page, though, as he is more focused on the economy than fame.

Dr. Johann "Hansi" Hansmann was raised in Vienna after being born in Austria. In Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain, he worked as an executive in the pharmaceutical sector for most of his career.

Hansi is the creator and served as chairman of the board until June 2021, according to the Austrian Angel Investors Association (AAIA). In order to promote innovation in Austria, AAIA was established in 2012 as a non-profit organization.

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Know About Hansi Hansmann's Age And Biography

In the German-speaking world, Hansi is regarded as a true business angel legend who excels at making early-stage investments.

Since then, he has been involved in company angel investing. He presently owns stakes in the internet and health sector with a geographic focus on Austria, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain. He oversaw the remarkable exits of numerous businesses.

Hansi and his partners
Hansi and his partners ( Source : Instagram )

Hansi is regarded as one of the most active and successful business angels in Europe, having made over 40 investments in exceptional startups. In addition, he founded Calm/Storm Ventures as a partner.

Hansi enjoys riding his bike up mountains in his spare time so that when he faces down, he may experience a surge of excitement.

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What Are His Achievements

The 2015 Best European Early Stage Investor honor went to Hansi. Hansi established his own pharmaceutical business in Spain during his early career and sold it profitably.

Out of his 40+ portfolio, which he refers to as "hansmengroup," he was one among the early supporters of many successful businesses, including Runtastic (exit to Adidas), Shpock (exit to Shipsted), mySugr (exit to Roche), Busuu, and Tractive, to mention a few.

The Hansmengroup is a group of startups with similar ideals, objectives, and business angels. 

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Meet The Family Members Of Hansi Hansmann

Even though Hansi Hansmann has a devoted family who has always been there for him, he has not yet made them known to the general public. He doesn't talk much about his family, but we know he cares deeply for them.

Hansi and Helena Torras
Hansi and Helena Torras ( Source : Instagram )

He chooses not to reveal their details because doing so could interfere with their private life if the paparazzi find out.

Additionally, he completed his doctoral studies at WU Vienna (Vienna Institution of Economics and Business), the biggest university in Europe with a business and economics focus, from 1972 to 1978.