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What Is The Race Of Harriet Hageman? Husband John Hageman And Family Background Explained

Harriet Hageman is an American attorney and politician who is the Republican nominee in the 2022 United States House of Representatives election in Wyoming.

The ethnicity of Harriet Hageman is a topic of much interest. Is Harriet Hageman Black? Here is all the information you need to know about her background and other aspects of her private life as she wins the congressional election.

The Republican candidate for the position representing Wyoming's at-large congressional district, Harriet Hageman, has won the primary election.

After a fruitful political campaign that changed many people's thoughts and won their trust, she defeated US Representative Liz Cheney to announce her entry into politics.

Hageman, a candidate favored by Trump, will represent Wyoming in the US House of Representatives.

Insider information has shed light on one of the most closely watched elections, even if the official results have not yet been announced. On social media, they announced that the new candidate had defeated the outgoing congressman.

Is Harriet Hageman Black Or White? Race

Harriet Hageman is related to the white American ethnic group and may even be a native American according to sources.

Harriet Hageman is running for the lone House of Representatives seat available in Wyoming.
Harriet Hageman is running for the lone House of Representatives seat available in Wyoming.( Source : cnn )

Her family has supposedly lived in the United States for several generations and her parents have been citizens for a considerable amount of time.

Hageman most certainly belongs to the white group of Americans based on these facts, yet it is unknown what color and ethnicity she is.

Harriet Hageman was born on October 5, 1962. The Republican was raised in Wyoming's Fort Laramie.

Harriet earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Wyoming in 1986 before earning her law degree there in 1989.

The Republican previously served as Judge James E. Barrera's law clerk. She has spent most of her legal career fighting against state and federal restrictions on the use of land and natural resources.

She also practiced law on a private basis in Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska with a focus on natural resources lawsuits.

Harriet Hageman Husband: Who Is She Married To?

Harriet Hageman is married to her husband John Sundhal. John, an attorney, previously worked for Sundahl Powers Kapp And Martiin, LLC.

She has a master's degree. She graduated from Fort Laramie High School and the University of Wyoming with two bachelor's degrees, both in business administration. She also earned her Juris Doctor at the University of Wyoming College of Law.

Harriet worked as a law clerk before. She then began her career in private practice, concentrating on legal actions involving water and other natural resources in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming.

Her legal practice mainly consisted of legal challenges against state and federal regulations limiting the use of land and water.

Harriet Hageman Age: Her Nationality 

Harriet Hageman is 60 years old; she is an American politician who was born on October 5, 1962. Harriet's nationality is American.  

Hageman was born and raised on a ranch outside Fort Laramie, Wyoming.
Hageman was born and raised on a ranch outside Fort Laramie, Wyoming. ( Source : go )

Prior to joining Hageman Law PC, an attorney created the Wyoming Conservation Alliance and served as a legal assistant to federal appeals judges.

Hageman is running for the Republican presidential candidacy in the year 2022. In addition, she has received several substantial recommendations from reputable professionals in the industry, and former President Donald Trump has openly backed her.

She will be opposed in the 2022 election by Liz Cheney.

Harriet Hageman Net Worth

Harriet Hageman has a net worth of $1 million according to Cbgist.

Her political career, possessions, and advertising activities are the sources of her income. She has worked as a trial lawyer. When Nebraska and Wyoming clashed in 1997 over control of the North Platte River, Hageman represented Wyoming in that case.

In the 2018 Wyoming governor's race, Hageman finished third behind Foster Friess and eventual winner Mark Gordon. In 2020 and 2021, Hageman represented Wyoming on the Republican National Committee.

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