Harrison Bader Net Worth Over $3 Million And Salary Amid Yankees Contract

Baseball Player Harrison Bader got traded to Yankees by St. Louis Cardinals in exchange of Jordan Montgomery. ( Source : Meaninhindi )

Harrison Joseph Bader, commonly referred to as Harrison Bader, is a well-known American professional baseball player. He is a center fielder for the Major League Baseball team New York Yankees. On 3 August 2022, Bader was traded to the Yankees by St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for Jordan Montgomery.

The St. Louis Cardinals chose Bader in the third round of the 2015 MLB draft, and in 2017, he debuted in MLB. During his time with the Cardinals, Bader was named to the Baseball America 2018 All-Star Rookie Team and the Topps 2018 All-Star Rookie Team. Furthermore, Bader received the title of "Best Defensive Outfielder" in the National League in 2019, and in 2021 he brought home the Gold Glove Award for center field, making him one of five Cardinals (an MLB record) to get the honor. Due to a health condition, plantar fasciitis in his right foot, the Cardinals placed Bader on the 10-day injured list on 27 June 2022. 

He was batting 256/.303/.370 at the time of his trade, had five home runs in 246 at-bats, had 15 stolen bases (5th in the NL) in 17 tries, and had played center field without making an error. Bader had signed a two-year contract of $10,400,000 with the Cardinals in 2022 before being traded to the Yankees.

Harrison Bader's Net Worth is over $3 million

Harrison peaked to the position of 19th highest-paid player in the league just a few years after making his debut. He is the center fielder on his club who earns the most money. He has a net worth above $3 million. 

Bader had signed a 2 year contract of $10,400,000 with the Cardinals in 2022
Bader had signed a 2 year contract of $10,400,000 with the Cardinals in 2022 ( Source : Redbirdrants )

Harrison Bader agreed to a two-year, $10,400,000 deal with the St. Louis Cardinals, which included a $10,400,000 guarantee and a $5,200,000 average yearly pay. Now that he got recruited by the Yankees, there will be slight changes.

Bader will have a total salary of $4,700,000 in 2022, with a base pay of $4,700,000. The New York Yankees have him in a contract for an adjusted salary of $1,652,736 in 2022. Bader's 2023 base salary with the Yankees is projected to be $4,700,000 with a signing bonus of $500,000, a payroll salary of $5,200,000, and an adjusted salary of $5,200,000. 

Harrison Bader Salary and Contract Breakdown

Harrison has been with the MLB since 2015. Let us have a look at how his contract went since then.

In 2015, Bader signed his first MLB contract with the Cardinals for $400,000. And in 2017, his contract stated that he would earn a yearly average salary of $535,000. Likewise, Bader' 's 2018 season with the Cardinals brought him an average annual income of $545,000, which increased to $578,300 in 2019. Similarly, Bader's average earnings per his contract in 2020 stated that he would earn $590,100. 

2020 became an excellent year for Bader because he earned an average salary of $2,000,000 annually, which increased to $3,047,232 in 2022. On 2 April 2022, Bader had signed a two years contract extension of $10.4 million with the Cardinals, but he got traded to the Yankees from the Cardinals for Jordan Montgomery. 

Harrison Bader has a net worth above $3 million.
Harrison Bader has a net worth above $3 million. ( Source : Pinstripealley )

He has an average financial ranking of 14 as a center fielder and 244 as an MLB player. As for cash, he comes in at 480 among MLB players and 22 among center fielders. In addition, according to the average annual value of his current contract, he is ranked 274th among MLB players, 15th among New York Yankees players, and 12th among center fielders.

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Harrison Bader Family Life In A Nutshell

Bader was born in the Eastchester neighborhood of the New York City village of Bronxville to mother Janice and father Louis.

His mother, Janice, has Italian descent, and Bader's father, Louis Bader, belongs to the Jewish ethnic group. His father works as the lead counsel for Verizon in New York. 

Bader is not the only child in his family. He has a younger sister named Sasha.