Was Quinton Tellis Found Guilty? Jessica Chambers Murder Verdict And Hearing Updates

Jessica Chambers and Quinton Tellis ( Source : Nypost )

Jessica Chambers, a University of Louisiana Monroe student who died in 2015 after being burned to death, is thought to have been murdered by Quinton Tellis. Similarly, he also killed Ming-Chen Hsiao.

Tellis has appeared on trial multiple times. However, the jury has not been able to conclude. It was again put off when Tellis' lawyers tried to cast doubt on a crucial element of the case's evidence.

Quinton Tellis Accused of murdering Jessica Chambers In 2015

Jessica Chambers, the ULM student, was stabbed by Quinton Tellis in 2015. 

The 19-year-old cheerleader from Courtland worked in a clothing shop. As per the court records, she received plenty of attention from her male friends and was known to sell drugs.

In 2015, Chambers had headed to a local station to put gas on her vehicle. But, when firefighters arrived at the location where her car got destroyed, she was already burned beyond recognition. Chambers mentioned the name of "Eric" or "Derrick," although she did not say the person put her on fire. Since then, the case got very complex.

She was transported to a Memphis hospital, succumbing to her injuries the next day. A heat injury caused her death, as per the medical reports. 

The police began to investigate the incident and searched for Erics and derricks. However, they could not find the culprit.

Eventually, Quinton Tellis, a gang member, received the attention of the police. He was with Chambers the day she died.

Amid conflicting accounts, Tellis admitted to authorities that he had slept with Jessica once, reportedly weeks earlier, and gave a detailed description of the location. 

Tellis was indicted in Mississippi in February 2016 and kept in a jail cell in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. He got accused of killing a Taiwanese woman and ULM alumna, Ming-Chen Hsiao. For the case, his trial took place in January 2022.

Was Quinton Tellis Found Guilty?

Quinton Tellis went to trial for the Jessica Chambers case in 2017. He was held with the evidence that he made a call to Chambers before she was killed. Also, the facts showed that Tellis had sent threatening messages to Chambers.

Another vital piece of evidence showed Tellis was the last person who met Chambers before she died. 

In February 2016, he was charged, and the first trial occurred in October 2017. Although, he pleaded not guilty to the accusation of capital murder. 

On October 1, 2018, the seventh day of his retrial in Batesville, Mississippi, ended in a mistrial because the court could not reach a consensus.

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Quinton Tellis Hearing Delayed and Rescheduled

Another delay has been made in Quinton Tellis' Louisiana murder trial. 

According to the WJTV, the trial will begin on August 29, 2022, and will be tried before a judge. He is now being held at the Ouachita Correctional Center in Monroe.

Tellis was indicted in 2019 on second-degree murder in connection to the death of Ming-Chen Hsiao. He was given a ten-year prison term after entering a guilty plea to one count of using Hsiao's access card without authorization.

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