Life goes smoothly when you are born with billions of dollar, but it becomes even classier if you have got gorgeous face too. Where it takes lot more things to be rich in the richest and most of the billionaires there has normal looks or lesser than that people, today give more priority for wealth and looks.

And here are some modern heiresses who were born with diamond crafted crowns, some influencing businesswomen; few are philanthropist while most of them are with furry luxurious critters. And all of them have got two similar things; wealth and beautiful waist.


1. Josie Ho


And here comes Josie Ho with her stunning looks and beautiful voice too. She is a daughter of Stanley Ho and Lucina Laam. Stanley Ho is the founder and Chairperson of SJM Holding, company that acquires 19 casinos in Macau that includes the Grand Lisboa. He has total 17 children with four wives and has a net worth of $2.5 billion.

The beautiful offspring of The King of Gambling is a singer and award-winning actress from Hong Kong. She is worked for both small and big screen since 1994. This 42 years old actress is married to British-Hong Kong actor and producer, Conroy Chi-Chung Chan in 2003.

2. Amanda Hearst

Amanda Hearst is a great grand-daughter of the media magnate, William Randolph Hearst. The 33 years old heiress of Hearst Corporation has graduated from Fordham University in 2008.  Currently, she is serving as associate market editor for Marie Claire as well as a brand ambassador for Maison de Mode.

Though being a billionaire bloodline, Amanda is very professional and also an active philanthropist. She has also walked for various fashion brands before and is the founder of Friends of Finn. Also, she is working for Town & Country Magazine as special project manager.


3. Tamara Ecclestone

Wondering who doesn’t know about Bernie Ecclestone, previous executive of the Formula One Group that supervises Formula One. This F1 mogul has a net worth of $3.2 and is called as “F1 Supremo” in media. Tamara Ecclestone is the second daughter of Bernie who is extremely hot-looking and has worked as a British model.

She is followed by English tabloids since birth and is known for her reality show named “Billion $$$ Girl. Tamara is married to Jay Rutland in 2013 in an extravagant style worth $17 million. This 33 years old TV personality is residing in Kensington Palace Gardens, London with her husband and 3 years old daughter, Sophia.

4. Jennifer Katharine Gates


Okay, we don’t have to tell who is Jennifer Katherine Gates because of that classy last name. For those who are unaware of it, she is the inheritress to world’s richest man, Bill Gates. Having a net worth of $89.9 billion, Gates has founded Microsoft Corporation with Paul Allen. This 62 years man is a man with an idea, vision, and goal which has led him to the throne; furthermore, he is also an active philanthropist.

Jennifer Katherine is also inherited with her parent’s gene that makes her ambitious, intelligent and warm-hearted. She is passionate about equestrian and her father has spent $18 million for equestrian land in California. Less show-off more brainy, that is how heiress of Microsoft Corporation.

5. Kathrine and Cecile Fredriksen

Tall blonde twins, Kathrine and Cecile are heiresses to $9.7 billion of Norwegian descent, John Fredriksen. He is oil tanker and shipping mogul who is the owner of earth’s biggest oil tanker fleet and also owns other various companies. During the Iran-Iraq War, he shifted basic Iranian oil risking his life where got a massive fortune.

Both daughters of Fredriksen have graduated in Business Management and are working for their father’s companies. They also have a keen interest in social works especially support cancer research because their mother died of it untimely. And they also active in fashion, art, and design where Kathrine is a member of Serpentine Gallery.


6. Charlotte Casiraghi

Charlotte Casiraghi is the daughter of Caroline, Prince of Hanover and an Italian magnate, Stefano Casiraghi. Born on 20 September 1986, she is ninth generation belonging to the royal throne of Monaco. Her father acquired wealth from real estate as well as retail business; he died during an offshore race in 1990.

Belong from a royal family and industrialist’s daughter, Charlotte herself owns around $1 billion as a net worth. While summing up her two families, it becomes more than $2 billion. Though, getting diamond coated spoon since birth, Charlotte is a self-made woman. She is a professional equestrian, brand representative as well as is getting success through publishing production. She also has a son named Raphel with her ex-partner, actor Gad Elmaleh.

7. Ariana Rockefeller


Ariana Rockefeller is the great-great-granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller, the founder of Standard Oil. He is still known as America’s first billionaire who had above $300 billion of now during his death in the 1930s. Though it is not revealed who much money the Rockefeller family possesses these days, it’s estimated to be more than $10 billion.

Ariana Rockefeller, the heiress of Standard Oil is a passionate horse rider. This 34 years old lady has an appealing face as well as polished personality and also has her own fashion label. She is married to the capitalist, Matthew Bucklin in 2010 at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden.

8. Georgina Bloomberg

Georgina Bloomberg, the youngest heiress to American tycoon, politician, author and philanthropist, Michael Bloomberg and his ex-wife, Susan Brown-Meyer. Michael has also served as Mayor of New York City. He is the 8th wealthiest person in U.S.A as well as the 10th wealthiest around the world with approximately $47.8 billion according to October 2017.

The 34 years old inheritress of Bloomberg LP is also an active philanthropist and an accomplished equestrian. She has won various awards and honors for horse riding including American Gold Cup Qualifier 2016, Empire State Grand Prix and so on. She has also co-authored many novels regarding her experience with horse riding. Georgina also has a s\on with her ex-boyfriend Ramiro Quintana.


9. Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is the daughter of current U.S. President. Donald Trump and his first wife, Ivana Marie. Born on 30 October 1981, she is the heiress of The Trump Organization where she is also working in an executive position. She is often admired by her father and close friends like Chelsea Clinton and Georgina Bloomberg on various public occasions.

Apart from business, she is also an advisor to the President/ her father, Donald Trump officially on 29 March 2017. The former model is married to real estate developer, Jared Kushner in 2009 and has three children together. She played an active role in supporting her father during presidential campaign 2016. Ivanka is a perfect example of beauty with brain.

10. Elizabeth Paige Laurie


You might have visited Wal-Mart several times but what you may don’t know is about Elizabeth Paige Laurie. Okay, let’s go through the reality, she is the granddaughter of the co-founder of Wal-Mart, Bud Walton. Though Bill Gates is the wealthiest man in the world, but Forbes estimates that the Walton family has around $150 billion as a net worth. Seems the family has great knowledge to deal finance stuff.

Paige is grown up in the lap of lavishness from birth but unluckily few years before, she got divorced in a pathetic way. On the mid of their divorce, her then-husband, Bo Dubbert asked her to pay $400,000 every month to continue the comfortable life he was spending before. At the same time, Paige also filed a civil lawsuit claiming that he has stolen things from her since the wedding.

11. Holly Branson

36 years old heiress to Virgin Group, Holly Branson is intellectually taking care of her father’s business. She is the eldest daughter of business mogul and humanitarian, Richard Branson. According to Forbes, Richard has a net worth of $5.1 billion where he was also announced as BBC’s 100 Greatest Britons in 2002.

Holly Branson has graduated from the University College London in medicine and also worked as a doctor before. Later in 2008, she joined her father business and now she is working as an executive person of the Virgin Group. Apart from business, she is also a passionate philanthropist and has involved in various charity projects.


12. Dylan Lauren

Dylan Lauren is already into fine business with a vigorous family wealth of $5.8 billion. You might be hovering around to find her family list but here we have made easy for you. She is an American heiress of Ralph Lauren Corporation as a first child of Ralph Lauren who is also a fashion designer and entrepreneur.

Dylan is owner and president of her own company, Dylan’s Candy Bar which also argues to be the “largest candy store in the world”. This 43 years businesswoman is married to Paul Arrouet in 2011 and has twin sons through surrogacy. Arrouet is hedge fund manager.

13. Caroline Jones


Another hottest billionaire chick on the list is Caroline Jones who is the daughter of hedge fund manager and shareholder, Paul Tudor Jones II. According to Forbes February 2017, Tudor estimated net worth is about $4.7 billion. He is also known for his philanthropic activities that include the Robin Hood Foundation which works for lessening poverty.

The heiress of Tudor Investment Corporation more than beautiful and also is brilliant singer and songwriter. She has also recorded with Tommy Mottola and worked with Paul Simon and Dave Matthews, perquisites of being a billionaire!

14. Courtin-Clarins Cousins

All these four glamorous looking women are the granddaughter of the cosmetic magnate, Jacques Courtin-Clarins. Claire, Prisca, Jenna, and Virginie are the daughter of Olivier and Christian Courtin-Clarins. They are daughter cousins and also their fathers have together $2.2 billion as a net worth.

The four cousins are brand representatives for Clarins as well as investors. They often prepare videos on how-to-use Clarin's goods. Furthermore, the company is worth over $3.6 billion.


15. Aerin Lauder

This list can’t be complete without naming Aerin Lauder as one of the hottest daughters of billionaire parents. Aerin, 47, looks as if she is on her 20s with her gorgeous and suave looks.  She is the second child of business mogul as well as a political objector, Ronald Steven Lauder.

Beside family worth of $3.7 billion, Aerin operates own business of sophisticated lifestyle products under her name. She seems to be competing with her father with the self-acquired net worth of $2.3 billion. This American heiress Estee Lauder Companies is married to Eric Zinterhofer in 1996 and has two children with him