Life goes smoothly when you are born with billions of dollar, but it becomes even classier if you have got gorgeous face too. Where it takes lot more things to be rich in the richest and most of the billionaires there has normal looks or lesser than that people, today give more priority for wealth and looks.

And here are some modern heiresses who were born with diamond crafted crowns, some influencing businesswomen; few are philanthropist while most of them are with furry luxurious critters. And all of them have got two similar things; wealth and beautiful waist.


Josie Ho

Amanda Hearst

Tamara Ecclestone

Jennifer Katharine Gates

Kathrine and Cecile Fredriksen

Charlotte Casiraghi

Ariana Rockefeller

Georgina Bloomberg

Ivanka Trump

Elizabeth Paige Laurie

Holly Branson

Dylan Lauren

Caroline Jones

Courtin-Clarins Cousins

Aerin Lauder


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