Larry Potash WGN News Career and Personal Life In A Nutshell

Larry Potash Is An American TV Personality Who Works AS The Morning News Anchor And Documentary Series Presenter On WGN TV

Larry Potash is an American journalist and TV presenter best known for hosting documentary programs and serving as the Morning News anchor on WGN TV.

He is one of the most experienced and popular TV presenters in America. His success story begins in 1996 when he first began working as a news anchor for WGN TV. Apart from his onscreen presence, the anchor is much more interesting than you imagine in his personal life.

How Old Is Larry Potash From WGN?

Larry is standing firm at the age of 55 as one of the oldest employees of WGN TV. Larry Potash was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on May 2, 1967. He graduated from Emerson College in Boston with a Bachelor of Science in mass communication and broadcast journalism.

Larry Potash is a renowned news anchor and reporter who has won 14 Emmy awards. He is most known for his work as a news anchor on WGN TV's Morning News Show. WGN welcomed Potash in August 1994 as a news anchor. 

He started anchoring the Morning News program a year after being hired. Later, in 1996, he went to Asia to film his multi-series daily feature, Larry's World. He covered a variety of news stories, amused viewers, and revealed exciting trivia about Hong Kongers' pop culture and their assimilation into China in the documentary series.

Larry Potash Is Married To Lisa Potash With Two Children

In 2000, Larry Potash exchanged vows with Lisa. They are raising their two daughters, Kaylin and Mallory, at their home in Machachutates. Lisa is a clinical psychologist who holds a license in the United States and has 20 years of forensic expertise. He is extremely private and has shared much about his personal life and family with the media. He is highly professional in his interviews and doesn't discuss much except the main topic.


Larry has received 14 Emmy Awards in his entire career for being one of the best available in the field. In addition, Larry received eleven Silver Dome Awards for Best Anchor in Chicago from the Illinois Broadcasters Association. Backstory with Larry Potash also won Silver Dome Awards in 2019 and 2020 for outstanding documentary programs.

Larry Potash's Net Worth And Salary in 2022

Larry was a weekend anchor and political reporter at KOTV-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma, before moving on to WGN-TV. Previously, he was a morning anchor at WFIE-TV in Evansville, Indiana. His daily feature in WGN, Larry's World, focuses on the offbeat, fun, and sometimes lesser-known facts behind various pop culture phenomena and television news-making.

In October 2018, WGN-TV launched Backstory with Larry Potash, a new series that runs periodically as specials throughout the year. Larry looks at the backstory behind some of the most intriguing stories in history, culture, religion, and science from Chicago and beyond.


He has established himself as one of the successful anchors in the USA. He has proved his worth to the company, and the company has also praised him with a handsome salary. However, neither Larry nor WGN have talked about the salary he provided for his service to the company. His net worth is estimated at around $2 Million, and he receives a salary of $40,000 to $110,000 annually from WGN TV.