Remember as a kid there was always this guy who would poke you or pull your hair, he did that because he wanted your attention. A guy a will tease you if he wants your attention and a guy who likes you will only crave your attention.

If you are in a guy’s mind you are likely to tear up his confidence. No matter how much confidence a guy is he will tremble in front of you and he will be nervous.

Girls aren’t easy to understand but boys aren’t open book either. Men can drive women crazy when they are expressing themselves. They sometimes do not give a clear idea if they like you or not and if you also have confusion on “does he likes me” topic then you have come to the right place. 

The body language of a guy can give out some big hints when it comes to his intention of liking you enough to date you. Guys have only 10 different body language to show a girl that they are interested.

They might only have 10 body languages to give out the message to you but some of them might be confusing and might lead to misunderstanding. So here are few body language signals to look out for:

1)     He frequently looks at you. He might not even know this himself but he will look at you a lot.

2)    He will avoid eye contacts.

3)     He will tilt towards you to show that he is interested in your space and wants to be part of it.

4)     If the direction of his hands, feet, legs, toes etc. Are pointed towards you then it might be a subtle         indication of his interest towards you.