Remember as a kid there was always this guy who would poke you or pull your hair, he did that because he wanted your attention. A guy a will tease you if he wants your attention and a guy who likes you will only crave your attention.

If you are in a guy’s mind you are likely to tear up his confidence. No matter how much confidence a guy is he will tremble in front of you and he will be nervous.

Girls aren’t easy to understand but boys aren’t open book either. Men can drive women crazy when they are expressing themselves. They sometimes do not give a clear idea if they like you or not and if you also have confusion on “does he likes me” topic then you have come to the right place. 


1. Examine his body language

The body language of a guy can give out some big hints when it comes to his intention of liking you enough to date you. Guys have only 10 different body language to show a girl that they are interested.

They might only have 10 body languages to give out the message to you but some of them might be confusing and might lead to misunderstanding. So here are few body language signals to look out for:

1)     He frequently looks at you. He might not even know this himself but he will look at you a lot.

2)    He will avoid eye contacts.

3)     He will tilt towards you to show that he is interested in your space and wants to be part of it.

4)     If the direction of his hands, feet, legs, toes etc. Are pointed towards you then it might be a subtle         indication of his interest towards you.

2. His good boy behavior


When we like someone we expect endless conversation, numerous meet and frequent contact with them, we just can’t get enough.

A guy will show his interest in you by asking tons and tons of questions and if he really likes you he will remember all of the details about you. For instance, he will remember your birthday, favorite food, pet’s name etc.


3. He will ignore you

Guys will ignore you for two reasons; if he likes you or if he dislikes you. But if a guy ignores you for no reason, he likes you. He wants you to care about him and he is too shy to tell you that on his own so the best thing he does is, ignoring.

Most of the times guys ignoring a girl are related with his insecurities of being rejected. A guy is ignoring you because he is scared that you will not accept his love and he will be rejected.

And if he still confuses you with the “ignoring” game then just confront him so that you will be clear.


4. He will compliment you

The guy who is into you will do his best to make you laugh and showering a girl with compliments is the best way makes a girl laugh. The guy who has feelings for you will compliment you on your face, smile or any of your features.

By the showering you with compliments he is pointing out all the things that he likes about you.

But here’s the catch there are some genuinely nice guys who will compliment women just to be gentlemen but if a guy really likes you he will compliment you a lot, he will praise even the tiniest details about you like the color of your eyes, the shape of your nails, the color of your hair etc.

5. He teases you


A guy will never joke or tease a girl he is not interested in so if a guy jokes around you and teases you he likes you. He wants to make you laugh and company interesting by teasing you and by being sarcastic.

Remember as a kid there was always this guy who would poke you or pull your hair, he did that because he wanted your attention. A guy a will tease you if he wants your attention and a guy who likes you will only crave your attention.

If a guy is teasing only you and no other girls then he is into you but if he joking around with other girls too then, being friendly and teasing just might be his natural behavior.

6. Nervousness

Nervousness is one of the biggest tell to reveal what the guy actually feels about you. Some guys are naturally normal around people but the guy that likes you will be nervous around only you.

He will always try to strike up to perfection when he is around you. He will even be scared to talk to you which will be reflected on his nervousness.

Nervousness can also be associated with his dislike towards you; feeling scared and frightened can also lead to nervousness. So if his behavior confuses you then it is better to ask him about his feelings for you.



7. Do you have a boyfriend?

“Do you have a boyfriend?” is the subtle way of saying “if you don’t have a boyfriend I am ready to be of your service”. The guy who is interested in you will only ask you this question so that he can make a move on you.

This question is a bit of a puzzle because most of the guys, who are interested in you, will only inquire you about your love life and sometimes guys ask you question about your love life just to make a simple conversation with you.

Just check his reaction while answering this question his reaction might help you to figure out his exact feelings for you.

8. The shower of Endless questions


If a guy keeps on showering you with tons and tons of questions, he is probably into you. He is asking you these lots of questions just to have a good conversation with you and also he wants to know you.

The guy who likes you will ask you various kinds of questions related to your likes, dislikes, and your childhood and so on. Asking questions is one of the ways for the guys to create a bond with their crush.

If he is asking you personal questions and is showing a genuine interest in your answers then he is into you.

9. He gets jealous

The guy who is into you will definitely get jealous by seeing you with another guy, let alone seeing, you, he will get jealous even if you are just texting other guys or if you are just laughing at other guys joke.

And as guys hate competition, he will act uncomfortable and bothered when you are talking or texting or just hanging out with another guy.

Jealousy is a guy’s way of showing his level of affection and interest towards you.