Girls aren’t as expressive as boys; they might send mixed signals for each and every emotion they feel. If you aren’t sure if a girl likes you or if you have doubt that she might be into you, here are some 15 signs that a girl actually likes you.


She likes talking to you

If she constantly looks for a reason or a way to talk to you and have a conversation, she definitely likes you. Make sure to see if she is happy and is interested to listen to your opinions. But if she looks bored and is trying to escape you, then sorry boys, she is not interested.


She laughs at what you say

She will laugh at your jokes no matter how lame or stupid they are. She is trying to make you feel that she appreciates your effort to make her laugh or simply crack a joke. If she is ready to share a full belly laugh with you then she likes you. But do not mistaken giggles for laugh because few girls giggle if they are nervous and nervousness necessarily doesn’t portraits affection.

She is afraid to look into your eyes


Eyes are the window to your souls and emotions, if she is avoiding eye contacts there is definitely something she doesn’t want you to know like her feelings for you. If the gaze between two you locks for more than few seconds, she is sending you positive signals.

She doesn’t like you flirting with other girls

Girls do not want competition when it comes to “crushes”, she will slip away from the situation of you flirting with other girls. She might react by being angry or uncomfortable.

So if you consider yourself to be true gentleman don’t flirt with other girls for the sake of fun you might be hurting the girl who like you.

6. She smiles at you

7. She licks her lips

8. Her friends give you clues that she is into you

9.  She texts you first

10. She hints that she is single

11. She will like compliment you (like always)

12. She will shower you with questions

13. She blushes around you (a lot)

14. She follows you online and will like your posts   

15. She opens up to you