Who Is Claudia Rocafort? Everything To Know About The Actress

Claudia Rocafort is an actor, dancer, voiceover artist, spokeswoman, and communications coach who loves to perform.

Her range is as varied as her multicultural heritage, which has allowed her to work in many nations in the Americas and Europe in English, Spanish, French, and Italian.

Claudia is a life coach, a communication coach, and an executive coach. She enjoys assisting clients in honing their public speaking abilities, developing conscious communication skills, and defining their goals, vision, and purpose.

Who is Claudia Rocafort?

Claudia Cristina Rocafort is a multicultural actress, dancer, public speaker, Life Coach, and Communications Consultant.

Claudia was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and acquired her love of cinema from her father, Juan Antonio Rocafort, a film producer and her love of theater from her mother, Aura Siso, and grandmother. Both of them are New York natives and enthusiastic theatergoers.

Her father's family is Spanish, while her mother is in New York, Venezuelan, Colombian, English, and Scottish.

Claudia made her cinematic debut as Sasha Rollins, the female protagonist in The Definite Maybe (1998), with Bob Balaban and Josh Lucas.

Claudia, known for her deep sensual voice, has also done voiceover work for radio advertisements, infomercials, industrials, public service announcements, and film dubbing.

Claudia Rocafort Wikipedia Explored

She lacks an official Wikipedia article. We can, however, discover a wealth of information on her on the IMDB website.

Claudia's love of the theater began at the age of five when she attended her first ballet recital. 

In Venezuela, she attended an American school and grew up bilingual. She later moved to the United States to attend The Ethel Walker School in Simsbury, Connecticut, where she continued her dance education, began performing in musicals and studied choreography.

Claudia graduated from Tufts University in Boston with a BA in Drama and Art History.

She continued her education at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York. She had her Broadway debut in the Working Theater production of "Heroes and Saints" (1994), written by Cherrie Moraga and directed by Albert Takazauckas.

She has been in several television episodes, including Spin City, As the World Turns.

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Claudia is active on Instagram, where she has over 200 posts about her family, her career, and some inspirational quotations.