Hey, you are under arrest! How would you react to this line when the police come in front you with handcuff? Probably like, what have I done? Or, no sir, I am not involved with ISIS stuffs. Booh! You don’t have to be a member of a terrorist gang or seriously kill someone for being a criminal. Because those entire ignored little act we do in our daily life are enough to declare us as criminal. Most of us do such things knowing or unknowingly, with no idea of the outcome if trapped. And we repeat those offensive things repeatedly, right? Here are those 10 illegal acts that we carry out regularly with no guilt but that might lead you to prison. So, do better folks!


Helmets are meant to be worn, no?


Faking Your Identity Online

Streaming TV shows

Pay before you eat in the shop

Using copyrighted things without credit

Giving out password

Member of social media before age

Texting while driving

Underage drinking

New Block



Viral in Social Media