Hey, you are under arrest! How would you react to this line when the police come in front you with handcuff? Probably like, what have I done? Or, no sir, I am not involved with ISIS stuffs. Booh! You don’t have to be a member of a terrorist gang or seriously kill someone for being a criminal. Because those entire ignored little act we do in our daily life are enough to declare us as criminal. Most of us do such things knowing or unknowingly, with no idea of the outcome if trapped. And we repeat those offensive things repeatedly, right? Here are those 10 illegal acts that we carry out regularly with no guilt but that might lead you to prison. So, do better folks!


1. Helmets are meant to be worn, no?

Yes, you wear a helmet properly while riding a bike. But there are also many people who place showcase them in their home. Why do people keep ignoring the rule that is made for their betterment? The helmet is the safeguard of your life and ignoring it as the small thing is being gigantic criminal.

Though you don’t wear a helmet to boast your neatly styled hair at the same time you are going against the law. That law, for which you might have to submit a fine or can be punished with death. And, you mean your style and comfort are bigger than your life? Aww, you need to have some brain increasing food by now.

It seems nerdy wearing helmet but wherever or whatever you are dealing with, be prepared with all the possible safety procedures. Otherwise, you might not be alive to show off your newly gifted bike from your dad.

2. Littering


Seriously, you are not guilty of throwing your trash here and there? But FYI, littering is a crime and you can be fined or even sentenced imprisonment if repeated. So, rather getting in the worse offense better think earlier.

There are conducted various campaigns for healthy green society with huge public participation. But again some of the educated morons throw wrappers and coffee paper cups on the ground when the rubbish bin is just 5 meters away. Augh, that’s really annoying and they need to be punished for being lazy.

Apart from taking littering as rule, you should also think morally that this planet isn’t your dumping site. Have some sense of ownership, this place is your property too, and you are responsible for making it good or bad. And those UFT (Unidentified Flying Trash) out from the window of your car makes you call ‘disgusting idiot’.

3. Faking Your Identity Online

You are faking over the internet as Victoria Ruth but actually, you are Mike Garber. And you away from slamming, then you must be lucky. Because as per the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, exercising phony name wherever on the internet is illegal.

Hiding your real identity online is similar to commit fraud for getting some kind of advantage. For example, if you use the name of the famous actor and post his real picture in your profile for getting huge followers. Then you are potentially violating a copyright law which makes you criminal.

You aren’t really that stupid, are you to use a false name and later being accused of identity theft? I mean, you are not Osama Bin Laden, right? You should be proud of your original identity unless you are already a most wanted criminal. Otherwise, you might have to bear charges that also include harassment and defamation as well.


4. Streaming TV shows

Without losing a single penny if you can watch a whole season of your favorite TV shows then why need to pay for cable, right? But wrong, most of those free offering websites are working against the law. If you have a bit niggly feeling that streaming content is unethical, then your sixth sense is functioning great.

It’s not that none of us have done such things for a single time in our life cause we can’t hold up to next episode of ‘Game of Thrones”, can we? But any kind of downloading or streaming of content in access with high-speed internet is absolute piracy, for which police might press charges against you.

Ignoring the law doesn’t make us cool rather can turn our well-going life into a savage. Also, apart from risking your livelihood, your computer would be defenseless to viruses and further destructive content. So, never replicate such hazardous step for the sake of short entertainment knowingly or unknowingly.

5. Pay before you eat in the shop


Don’t be that impatience over food before billing in stores, otherwise, you may get in a mess. It is considered as stealing to have food prior to paying in stores. Some of us have a habit of digging over chips bag at the time of waiting in line but, be careful that might not lead you to jail.

In addition, it is also seen as ill-manner so; you must pay before you eat unless it’s your own store. Breaking the seal of food sooner than check out has now become the culture in the supermarket. But there are also many cases where the store possessor complained those ravenous customers as a thief.

So, rather than ignoring this point and repeating again, hold your hunger a bit. Or else, you will be arrested in charge of stealing goods from stores.

6. Using copyrighted things without credit

No, you can’t copyright either. It is a way to the destruction that will cause you serious harm of money as well as life. There are made and implemented law regarding copyright and its consequences. We simply copy an image from the internet without any credit and reference but it is a strictly illegal act to do so.

If you are caught for copyright infringement, you are ordered to pay the profits that you made from the following activity. The court can also ask you to compensate court fees as well as attorney’s cost of the copyright owner. On the basis of your profit from the copyright, you are also imprisoned from 5 to 10 years.

So, be prepared with a huge sum of dollars and makeup you mind for tolerating all those fourth-degree tortures in jail. Who knows, what happens, boohoo! Your little mistake might cause an expensive loss for you. But, stealing other work is the crime no?




7. Giving out password

Mmh, how lovely is to share your happiness and sorrow with your cute bae? But, be alert when it comes to password cause it is a totally illegal act. We kind of don’t think much about sharing keywords of our social accounts to dear one. But problems don’t come beating drums and trumpet.

Especially, young people of today are more prone to exchanging passwords with their girlfriends/boyfriends or best friend. That is why they are trapped in several cyber crimes and other criminal activities. So, know your limit of sharing things and private stuff.

Also, most of us share our passwords for payment services, hoping they won’t misuse it. It has been really common culture and is difficult to stop the trend. Because we are unconscious about the law that sharing user IDs and passwords is a brutally prohibited act.

8. Member of social media before age


Honey, at your age I was smashing the ketchup of my food over face and you are engaged on FaceTime? I mean you are supposed to function like your age, no? You need to be mature to handle all those social media tantrums. So, don’t use your developing brain over time-wasting applications.

Some social media are not allowed without reaching a certain age. For example: to use Tinder you are required to be 18 years old. But the mind of 21st century’s children is faster than the speed of light. They place false information during registration to get the permission for sign up.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is the reason why children below 13 can’t use the maximum social sites and application. So, it is completely illegal to use social media when you are underage. That’s for your own advantage baby, don’t rush much. Maturity suits when you get mature.


9. Texting while driving

Face it! Sometimes call and text is important but they are not more than your own life. There are strong laws that prohibit the use of electronic pieces of equipment while driving. You may don’t know but texting, reading or calling while you are driving will surely lead to heavy fine or prison as well.

This traffic law is more severely implemented on school bus driver while driving around school sites, public bus driver and so on. There are occurred many life taking  road accidents due to focusing more on cell phones while driving. No matter, you are pro-driver or least experienced one, you better ignore phone while on tracks.

Your beloved won’t die if you did receive the call for a while but your silly mistake can obviously take life of people walking on road. There are several places where texting, calling are highly prohibited by government while driving.




10. Underage drinking

Humph! Like who can see an immature teen tossing up in an alcohol party? We know that it drinking is bad for the health of any age people. But it is morally and legally wrong to allow your children for having alcohol. Because the end results of drinking are really very dangerous, it might be able to take their life as well.

Moorhead High School in Minnesota conducted a program named “Every 15 minutes” which was related to alcohol, accident, and death. You might don’t know but every 15 minutes there someone dies due to drink and drive issue around the world. And underage children are more prone to such activities.

Your way of showing off is not cool that is drinking much and riding a bike at full speed. That is an idiotic thing; you are playing with the death of self and next. I mean there is nothing to get angry over you but it disappoints us. So, play it cool champ but with an intelligent mind.


11. New Block