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Is Imam Kaaba Arrested? Religious Leader Charges And Case Explained, Where Is He Now?

Sheikh Saleh al-Taleb, a former imam of the Great Mosque of Mecca
Source : thekashmirmonitor

According to the rights organization Prisoners of Conscience," Sheikh Saleh al-Taleb, a former imam of the Great Mosque of Mecca, the holiest site in Islam, has been given a ten-year prison sentence by Saudi authorities.

The Court of Appeals overruled the Specialised Criminal Court's first judgment to exonerate Sheikh Al-Taleb and instead sentenced him to a formal jail term.

On social media, a campaign of support was started in conjunction with the anniversary of Sheikh Saleh Al-arbitrary Taleb's confinement in the jails of the Saud House dictatorship for a year without charge or trial.

Since September 2017, the Al-Saud authorities have jailed hundreds of preachers, thinkers, and activists from the general public. Sheikh Saleh is one of them.

Is Imam Kaaba Arrested?

According to allegations from the social media group Prisoners of Conscience, Sheikh Saleh Al-Talib, a well-known imam in Makkah and the preacher at Masjid Al Haram (Grand Mosque), has been detained by Saudi Arabian authorities.

After much confusion, an activist clarified the situation by stating that Makkah Imam Sheikh Saleh Al-Talib had been detained following a speech on evil deeds. He was detained after criticizing King Salman for all of his wrongdoings.

Al Talib posted a number of our tweets on the Hajj. Whether Al Talib personally created this social media message is a subject of debate.

Imam Kaaba being arrested by police
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Since 2017, King Salman has launched a protracted arrest campaign that has resulted in the Saudi authorities detaining journalists, human rights advocates, moderate clerics, and business community members.

Additionally, these arrests have already reached Liberals and other thinkers who aren't afraid to express their opinions publicly. Saudi Arabia's security agents arrest anyone who disobeys the law since liberalism is never tolerated there.

Jail Charges Of The Leader Imam Kaaba

On August 7, 2018, Sheikh Saleh Al-Taleb, the imam and preacher of Al-Masjid al-Haram, was detained by Saud House officials as a result of the preacher of Al-Masjid al-sermon Harams about holding those who do wrongdoing accountable.

Al-Taleb, a district court judge in Mecca who is also a follower of the royal family's religion, belongs to this movement. Despite the symbolic nature of his position, his criticism of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's plan in his sermon left him open to imprisonment.

Confirmed  that the Court of Appeal reversed the release ruling against the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Sheikh Saleh Al-Talib
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Yahya Asiri, a rights activist, claimed that anyone who opposed the Saud House officials for any of their activities was subject to arrest.

Asiri continued, "The Saudi authorities target any powerful individual with a public presence in the Kingdom, including those who did not express an opinion." They may have targeted Sheikh Saleh because of his sermon or for another reason.

A significant interaction of early adopters of Twitter helped activists disseminate the word about the preacher of the Masjid al-detention, Haram's overshadowing the majority of criticisms of this arrest.

Where Is Imam Kaaba Now?

The Al-Saud authorities have detained numerous religious leaders, academics, and political activists since September 2017. Imam Kaaba Sheikh Saleh is one of them.

Sheikh Saleh al-Taleb was first detained in August of this year. The 48-year-incarceration old's was not officially explained, but rights organizations claim that his arrest followed a sermon he gave on Muslims' obligation to denounce wrongdoing in public.

The kingdom keeps its arrests and their causes a secret. Still, leaked evidence reveals that many detainees have been subjected to grave abuses, including torture, to coerce them into confessing to crimes they did not commit or giving up their critical views of the government.