Inside Hilaree Nelson Skier and Husband Jim Morrison's Kids

Hilaree Nelsonis is an American ski mountaineer and the first female to summit two 8000-meter peaks.
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Hilaree Nelson and her boyfriend Jim Morrison ski together. They became the first to ski from the 27,940-foot, the fourth-highest mountain in the world, the summit of Lhotse.

Nelson’s first husband was Brian O’Neill, and due to some personal reason, they parted away. The couple has two children.

The "Dream Line," the Lhotse Couloir, was skied for the first time on September 30, 2018, by Nelson and his partner Jim Morrison.

It is believed that among the world's tallest mountains, their 7,000-foot-vertical ski descent down the Lhoste Couloir is one of the most beautiful.

Hilaree was named team captain of The North Face Athlete Team in 2018. She keeps pushing the limits of discovery, not just geographically but also of the human potential to defy social norms.

Quick Facts About Hilaree Nelson:

Date Of BirthDecember 13, 1972
Place Of BirthSeattle
Ex HusbandBrian O’Neill
BoyfriendJim Morrison

Who Is Hilaree Nelson's Husband?

Hilaree Nelson was married to Brian O’Neill, but they have to split up because of personal problems. They were blessed with two children, Graydon, and Quinn.

As Hilaree got divorced from his husband she is now in a relationship with Jim Morrison. Jim Morrison and Hilaree Nelson are both well-known ski mountaineers.

Hilaree Nelson's first husband is Brian O’Neill. She fell in love with Jim Morrison in the laps of the mountains in Nepal.
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In Nepal's highlands, they both feel real attraction. Both of them have tragic pasts and have similar hobbies. 

Nelson and Jim Morrison crossed the top of Manaslu, the eighth-tallest mountain in the world at 26,781 feet. They also claimed to be the first to ski down Lhotse's 27,940-foot peak.

Jim Morrison spent his entire childhood climbing and skiing in the Sierra Nevada. He grew up in Walnut Creek, three hours from Squaw Valley, with his brother John, who is also an exceptional mountain athlete.

Jim moved permanently to Squaw in 1990 after beginning to visit during ski seasons. Jim, who is well known for having a huge heart and a powerful engine, quietly succeeds in most of the tasks he takes on.

Ski Mountaineer Is Mother Of Two

Hilaree Nelson has two children and they are both alpine racing. They presently attend a mountain biking camp after school, attend a climbing club after school, and are very obsessed with lacrosse.

Hilaree's son Quinn and Graydon skied first time in the rain.
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Quinn, her first son, was delivered via a reasonably simple c-section. Nelson had to take a whole year off from sports due to the lengthy operation for her second pregnancy.

Hilaree's children live with their father while she is in Nepal.  Despite the risks and difficulties, Graydon and Quinn have the greatest respect for their mother.

Hilaree's sons support her career and are happy with her successes. Because of their mother's work and personal experiences, the boys have begun to see mountain sports as a way of being rather than just hobbies.

Nelson declares that she won't pressure the boys into mountaineering and climbing. She didn't put much work into it, but the boys already had a list of mountains they wanted to climb. Both brothers have climbed 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado and visited Makalu base camp. 

Hilaree Nelson's Net Worth 2022

Hilaree Nelson's net worth is estimated at around 3 million dollars from her mountaineering career. She is an American ski mountaineer and the first woman to climb Everest and Lhotse, which stand at 8,000 meters.

Nelson received a National Geographic Explorers award and participated in over 40 trips. She made the first ski descents in several locations, including the Tetons, Argentina, Kamchatka, the Baffin and South Georgia Islands, and Kamchatka.

Nelson was named as one of National Geographic’s 2018 Adventurers of the Year.
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Nelson's article was published in magazines like National Geographic Adventure, The Ski Journal, Outside Journal, and others. She was awarded National Geographic Adventurer of the Year for 2018 for her dedication to this goal and final success.

Her Accomplishments:

1. First ski descent of the Dream Line, Lhotse Couloir, Nepal, 2018

2. First ski descent of Papursa Peak, India, 2017

3. First female descent of Makalu La Couloir, Nepal, 2015

4. First to ski all five "Holy Peaks," Mongolian Altai

She Started Skiing At Three

Hilaree Nelson learned to ski at the age of 3. Nelson is her generation's most active ski mountaineer, with a career spanning two decades and dozens of first descents over more than 40 missions to 16 different nations.

After her first TNF excursion to India, Hilaree found she had climbing skills and became addicted. She was awarded a National Geographic Explorers grant in 2014 to organize a daring expedition to the remote peak of Hkakabo Razi in northern Myanmar.

Despite being unsuccessful, the human and physical drama that took place was captured in the award-winning 2015 film Down to Nothing.

Hilaree Nelson Is Missing In Nepal's Mountain

Hilaree Nelson went missing just below the summit of Mt Manaslu while her partner Jim Marrison skied down the 8613-meter peak.

Nelson lost after falling around 25 meters into a vertical crevice. One witness to Nelson's descent informed The Himalaya Times that she fell about 80 feet into a steep gap.

Hilaree Nelson reached the summit of Mount Manaslu in Nepal but disappeared while skiing down with her partner Jim Morrison.
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On Monday, rescue operations were hampered by the weather. However, Tuesday's weather was better, and a helicopter circled over the peak, looking for traces of the missing climber.

Extreme skiers Nelson from Telluride, Colorado, and Morrison from Tahoe, California, conquered Mount Lhotse in 2018, the fourth-highest mountain on Earth.

The government of Nepal has permitted 504 climbers to attempt to ascend significant Himalayan peaks this fall. The majority of them are on Mount Manaslu.

Several tragedies are currently happening in Manaslu. At least one climber has been killed, and a massive avalanche has hurt numerous more on the upper slopes.

Nelson went back to Nepal in 2018 with Morrison, and the two made history when they were the first to safely ski down Lhotse, the fourth-highest peak in the world at 27,940 feet.

They then decided to ski down Manaslu, another 8,000-meter summit, which wasn't a record attempt but was still quite difficult.

Some FAQs

How old is Hilaree Nelson?

Hilaree Nelson is 49 years old. She was born on December 13, 1972 in Seattle.

Who is Hilaree Nelson's husband?

Hilaree Nelson's husband was Brian O' Neil. Due to some personal issues Hilaree and Brian parted away.