Inside Simulation Of Kobe Bryant Crash Cause & Last Words In Audio

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna died in a helicopter crash

The initial reaction worldwide was horror when the helicopter crashed into a mountainside in California early on January 26, 2020, killing Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna and the seven other passengers.

The S-76B helicopter that they were riding in crashed after experiencing a 2,000-foot-per-minute drop.

The details of the disaster are now known about a year after it occurred, including the pilot's background, the weather, and the safety features of the helicopter.

The board concluded that the crash's primary cause was pilot error. The autopsy report for Gianna was made public four months after the horrific event that claimed her life.

The nine passengers met in an unintentional helicopter crash near Calabasas, Southern California, where they all died from traumatic trauma.

Inside Simulation Of Kobe Bryant Crash Cause

The pilot's decision to fly through dense clouds in violation of federal laws certainly caused him to become disoriented, which led to Kobe Bryant's deadly helicopter crash.

Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant's crash footages, the plane hit the mountain on 160 miles per hour and exploded, leading to the death of all 9 aboard
Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant's crash footages, the plane hit the mountain on 160 miles per hour and exploded, leading to the death of all 9 aboard( Source : usatoday )

The National Transportation Safety Board's investigators, Pilot Ara Zobayan disregarded his training when he entered low clouds and immediately lost his bearings.

To request assistance from air traffic controllers, Zobayan must have steadied the helicopter, ascended gradually, and reported an emergency.

The aircraft was descending toward a slope, but after Zobayan lost track of the ground, he likely felt he was climbing.

The NTSB has looked at the helicopter as part of its investigation, including maintenance records and tangible evidence gathered at the crash scene.

The climate on the morning of the crash has emerged as a crucial element of the NTSB's inquiry. Investigators also concluded that Zobayan likely pressured himself to complete the flight because of Bryant's fame and a bond they had formed.

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Kobe Bryant Last Words

Before Kobe Bryant's tragic death, Kobe gave some last advice and words of inspiration. Kobe thanked LeBron James, a fellow basketball player, in his final tweets on Twitter.

Kobe Bryant last tweet on his Twitter
Kobe Bryant last tweet on his Twitter( Source : reddit )

The deceased NBA player tweeted in the early morning hours of January 26, 2020, "Continually moving the game forward." Respectfully, my brother.

In a video that was released on Twitter, he stated, "Hello everyone, I'm very sorry can't be with you tonight. "However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a moment to talk with everyone.

The lesson I value the most is how important it is to pursue your passions. All of your effort and perseverance will be rewarded if you enjoy what you do and it makes you happy."

He continued, "You can stop your dreams from becoming your reality, but you can't stop people from limiting your dreams. "You decide what your dreams are. I want you to always be inquisitive, look for what you love, and work hard once you discover it."

Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report On Twitter And Reddit

The public's eagerness for information about the tragic Bryant autopsy may be evident from the sharp rise in worldwide search inquiries for the autopsy report on Twitter.

The whole autopsy report and a sketch of Kobe Bryant's autopsy were posted online by an unidentified user, highlighting the brutality of the accident.

The rumor that Kobe Bryant's autopsy was leaked spread like wildfire and Twitter is flooded with images and information about the dead that were found by the authorities after the crash.

It is rumored that a member of the Reddit group 'Morbid Reality' originally posted the Kobe Bryant autopsy sketch as an entire report.

According to the report, the NBA great was missing a portion of his skull, one arm, and his lower torso entirely. Kobe and Gigi's autopsy findings thus became a hot subject on Twitter and Reddit.

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