Is Bill Nye Arrested? Science Guy In Jail Or Not Over Manufacturing And Selling Illegal Drugs

Bill Nye is best known as the host of the science TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy. ( Source : Cnet )

Bill Nye was born in Washington DC on Nov 27, 1955. The 66-year-old is a mechanical engineer and a famous Television Personality.

Nye hosted the science television show 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' from 1993 to 1999. He very recently hosted the Netflix show Bill Nye Saves the World. Besides TV, Nye has made many appearances as a science educator.

Moreover, Nye has written over a dozen books in his career. Some are Bill Nye, the Science Guy's Big Blast of Science, Jack and the Geniuses series, Bill Nye's Great Big World of Science, etc.

Recently, Nye's arrest stories, which started in 2014, have resurfaced on social media. Are the stories realistic?

Fact Check: Is Bill Nye The Science Guy Arrested? 

Rumors say Bill Nye got arrested between 2014 to 2020. However, its official news did not hit the media; ultimately, it became a hoax.

The popular science guy was suspected of manufacturing and selling illegal drugs, as mentioned on a satire news site called, Huzlers.

According to the news, Nye was apprehended in his Los Angeles home after investigators became doubtful of Nye taking part in selling and manufacturing illegal drugs. Investigators eventually found pounds of illicit narcotics and banknotes in a secret basement in Bill Nye's home, including USD 6 Million in cash.

Again, In September 2019, the same rumor resurfaced and spread on social media. All vehemently claimed that TV host Bill, the famous Science Guy, had been arrested on suspicion of manufacturing and selling illegal drugs.

Here are some reactions made by his fans on Twitter after hearing the news.

Tweets showed that users believed Nye's arrest to be a real news story.
Tweets showed that users believed Nye's arrest to be a real news story. ( Source : Snopes )

As time passed, the arrest news of Nye got even more vital. Several social media users posted a brief statement describing Nye's reported arrest. After the TV host's arrest news, many theories were put up regarding him.

However, none of those assertions were supported by a reliable news story. They were only posted on the Huzlers website, which describes its content as a satire. Thus, Nye's arrest news was a blog that only discussed fabricated reports. 

Justin Bieber and Lil Nas X are just two of the more well-known celebrities on whom Huzlers have written fake stories.

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Where Is Bill Nye Now?

TV host Bill Nye will return in his upcoming series, The End is Nye, premiers on Aug 25, 2022, on the Peacock platform.

The series will demystify natural and unnatural threats like asteroids, climate change, and chemical warfare. It will also feature artists like Seth MacFarlane and Brannon Braga.

Nye currently resides in the Studio City neighborhood of Los Angeles in New York City. He recently tied the knot with journalist Liz Mundy in June. Also, he has a daughter named Charity from his first marriage with Blair Tindall.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nye's net worth is USD 8 million as of 2022.

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