Is Caitlin Dickerson Related To John Dickerson? Journalist's Family Ties And More

New York Times reporter Caitlin Dickerson offers journalism students tips of the trade

National immigration correspondent Caitlin Dickerson is based in New York.

She has reported on deportation and detention policies changes since joining The Times in 2016 and has chronicled immigrants' lives, especially those of people without legal status.

She has acted as the podcast's host in the past and frequently appears as a guest.

Caitlin Dickerson is a reputable investigative journalist that covers immigration and politics.

She also inspires others with her work. She gained notoriety for reporting on the mustard gas tests conducted on American soldiers by the US military during the Second World War when the test participants were divided based on race.

Caitlin Dickerson is known for CNN Newsroom (1989), The Weekly (2019) and Velshi (2020)
Caitlin Dickerson is known for CNN Newsroom (1989), The Weekly (2019) and Velshi (2020)( Source : Imdb )

Caitlin, now in her forties, resides in Brooklyn, New York. Her sibling is Kelly Dickerson. Dickerson interned at NPR before starting her career. After finishing her internship, she worked as a producer at NPR before being hired for a position on the Investigations Desk.

Whereas, John Frederick Dickerson, an American journalist who works as a reporter for CBS News, was born on July 6, 1968.

His current responsibilities include the CBS News and 60 Minutes election specials. He recently co-hosted CBS This Morning with Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell. Until Norah O'Donnell took charge in the summer of 2019, he served as an interim anchor for the CBS Evening News.

Previously, he held the positions of political director at CBS News, host of the CBS News program Face the Nation, top Washington correspondent, and political columnist for Slate.

He was the longstanding lead political correspondent at Slate before becoming the anchor of Face the Nation. Dickerson covered politics for Time magazine for 12 years before joining Slate, spending the final four as its White House reporter.

This 2012 photo provided by CBS News shows CBS News political director John Dickerson, in Washington.
This 2012 photo provided by CBS News shows CBS News political director John Dickerson, in Washington. ( Source : Time )

Dickerson, a native of Washington, D.C., is the son of Claude Wyatt Dickerson and Nancy Dickerson, a writer. He has one brother and three sisters. He was raised in Merrywood, a Georgian-style mansion in McLean, Virginia, high on a forested hill with a view of the Potomac River.

Sidwell Friends School awarded Dickerson a diploma in 1987. He worked as an intern in John Warner's Virginia-based Senate office while still in high school. He graduated with honors in English from the University of Virginia.

Even though they both work in the media, they have never met and are therefore total strangers despite coming from the same industry.

Is Dickerson Married?

Jeff Dickerson, husband of Caitlin Dickerson, a longtime presence on ESPN and in the Chicago sports market, passed away in 2021 as a result of complications from colon cancer.

David Kaplan, the ESPN 1000 morning show host, declared he was the best. "Everyone offers condolences when someone passes away. He was that person. A nasty bone never existed in his body.

"All these guys were there last [Thursday] when I stepped in because we all adored him. I have to get to my subsequent chemo treatment, Jeff stated to me. Today was that.

Caitlin Dickerson husband passed away at the age of 44
Caitlin Dickerson husband passed away at the age of 44( Source : Olasmediatv )

Wednesday's programming on ESPN 1000 was regional to celebrate Dickerson. The noon–2 p.m. Mike Greenberg's national broadcast was interrupted. (To view the schedule, scroll down.)

"He deserved it to celebrate his life with friends," said Danny Zederman, elevated to the program director earlier in the day at ESPN 1000. "We lost a good buddy and a teammate. It hurts so badly. Tomorrow will be incredibly cathartic.

When it came to his dying days, Zederman noted that Dickerson was very resilient.

Caitlin Dickerson Facts

  • Speaking Spanish has aided Caitlin in her work at the US-Mexico border.
  • She likes blues music.
  • Caitlin almost decided to go to law school rather than pursue a career in journalism.
  • She once had a ride in former President Barack Obama's motorcade.
  • Dickerson played youth soccer when he was younger.
  • She quotes "that no query is a foolish inquiry" and "run...don't walk through every door that gives an opportunity.
  • "She received accolades early in her career, in 2014, for her coverage of the Ebola outbreak.