Is Christian Wilkins Married? Gay Partner And Dating Life On Richard Wilkins Son

Christian Wilkins and Richard Wilkins ( Source : Instagram )

Christian Wilkins previously worked as a stylist for Channel Nine and co-hosted a podcast with his best friend Andrew Kelly called Radical Fashionism.

In 2019, he was nominated for the Australian Commercial Radio Awards for Best Original Podcast.

Christian is openly gay, but he says he has never "came out" because he has never been compelled to do so.

He was a competitor on Dancing With The Stars in 2020, following in his father's footsteps and dipping his toe into the entertainment scene.

Richard Wilkins, his father, is the entertainment editor for the Nine Network, co-host of Weekend Today, smoothfm's weekend announcer, and master of ceremonies.

Is Christian Wilkins Married?

Christian Wilkins is not married, but according to his Instagram post, he is in a relationship with Satan. He shared a photo on his Instagram account on February 5, 2022, with Satan wishing him a happy birthday.

According to Satan's Instagram account, he has also posted photos of himself with Christian.

Christian has been establishing himself as a television star in recent years, including filming a new series for Stan.

He is a proud member of the LGBTIQ community and is gay. Christian has never discussed his sexuality with his father until recently.

Christian fathers happily revealed that his son has been selected as the Pantene Australia and New Zealand, ambassador.

 Wilkins is known for his unique flair and passion for fashion. Wilkins talked about how he struggled to accept his sexuality as a teenager.

Other LGBTIQ people, according to Christian, should not feel pressured to "come out" to their friends and family unless they believe it will be helpful.

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Christian Wilkins Age & Wikipedia

Christian Wilkins is a 27-year-old stylist who previously worked at Channel Nine and hosted the podcast Radical Fashionism.

At the Australian Commercial Radio Awards in 2019, he was nominated for Best Original Podcast. Christian was a Dancing With The Stars contestant in 2020.

He claims he is really close to both of his parents, that he is extremely proud of his father, and that following in his footsteps as his son is a tremendous honor.

He's made a name for himself as a stylist and model, and he's also styling on-air talent at Channel Nine HQ. Both on Instagram and on the red carpet, he is extremely entertaining.

In addition, he made his debut appearance on Australian television.

Wilkins' flair and confidence in being completely himself, which he claims was instilled in him as he grew up, are on display in all of these roles.

Wilkins had the support of his friends even in high school, which can be a trying time for those who don't fit in.

Christian Wilkins Is Close To Both Of His Parents

Christian Wilkins is the son of Richard Wilkins and Michelle Burke. Richard, his father, is a television and radio host from New Zealand and Australia.

He is a co-host of Weekend Today and the entertainment editor for the Nine Network. Christian father and mother are no longer together.

He has a special bond with both of his parents. Christian still resides in his father's Cremorne mansion on Sydney's lower north shore with his father.

He does, however, make time for his mother, often posting adorable photos of the two of them on his Instagram account.

Meet Christian Wilkins On Instagram

Christian Wilkins is active on Instagram with the username @theprincewilkins. He has a verified Instagram account with 31.9k followers.

He shared an interesting photograph on his Instagram account. Christian shared an interesting post about his daily life, as well as personal photos, on his Instagram account.

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