Is Colleen Peterson Leaving Wkrg? Where Is Meteorologist Going?

Colleen Peterson is a meteorologist.

Colleen Peterson is a 25 years old meteorologist from the United States, born in 1996 on the 15th of August, and she grew up in a small town near Cape Canaveral, FL.

Peterson graduated with a bachelor's degree in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology from Florida State University in 2019. Apart from journalism, Colleen plays piano and sings well, and she also appeared as a child actress with a minor role in USA Network's 'Burn Notice' and Epcot Disney Ads. 

Is Colleen Peterson Leaving WKRG?

Peterson revealed the news of leaving WKRG through her social media while disclosing that Sunday (today) marks her last show at the television station licensed to Mobile, Alabama, United States.

The meteorologist joined WKRG in 2019 and spent three years learning many things while sharing her knowledge and forecasts; however, she has chosen to depart from the channel to start a new chapter in her life to explore more opportunities that are on her way.

But Colleen hasn't unfolded where she is going next, although she shared that she will be staying in the news; the weather reporter might have had something up her sleeves before deciding to quit. We wish her the best for the new journey while hoping to see her soon on the television.

Colleen Peterson Age And Wikipedia: Facts On The Meteorologist

Peterson is 25 years old meteorologist, born in 1996, and she worked as a weather forecaster at WKRG. The reporter celebrates her birthday yearly on the 14th of August under the astrological sign Leo.


Before joining WKRG, she did four months of internship at different forecasting stations, including SESCO Enterprises, FOX13 WTVT, and WCTV, to gain experience working professionally in the field.

Furthermore, the meteorologist also worked as a student meteorologist at FSU Weather for almost four years, from Jul 2015 to May 2019. Moreover, as per her LinkedIn profile, Colleen also served as a Marketing Manager at Kanyu, Tallahassee, Florida Area, from October 2017 to August 2018.

Is Colleen Peterson Married? Children and Husband In The Family

Colleen seems single as she hasn't shared any pictures of her walking down the aisle with her potential husband on her social networking sites; she also hasn't been a mother to a toddler yet but to her dogs.

However, the gorgeous meteorologist seems to be in a relationship with a fellow reporter named Michael Warrick, who joined WSMV4 in June 2021 and previously worked almost three years at their sister network.


The pair seems to have been together since 2021 but hasn't gone officially with their relationship yet. Maybe Peterson and Warrick want to take it slow and see where things go before announcing their togetherness to the media.

In contrast, they might be good friends hanging out and living the best of their lives without taking anything for granted. Hopefully, the television reporters will share what bond they share with their followers to clear the confusion among them.

Meet Colleen Peterson's Family On Instagram

Peterson seems to have a loving and supportive family. But she hasn't revealed the name of her beloved mother and father to the media, even though she has shared a few pictures of them on her social media.

The meteorologist has shared some moments with her dad and her sister on the occasion of fathers day. However, she hasn't shared any pictures of her mom yet. Maybe she doesn't like being on social networking sites, or there might be other reasons which have remained a mystery that only she and her loved one knows.

Furthermore, she seems to have two sisters, Andrea Peterson and Brittany Craft; they are active on Instagram under the handles @a.peterson4 and @ay0britt. Likewise, the weather forecaster goes by the username @colleenpetersonwx and has accumulated 6.9k followers on her verified account.

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