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Is Deborah Czeresko Transgender? Blown Away Winner Married Life Details, Where Is She Now?

Deborah Czeresko Is A Talended Craftswoman From USA Who Is The Winner Of Blown Away Season 1
Deborah Czeresko Is A Talended Craftswoman From USA Who Is The Winner Of Blown Away Season 1

Deborah Czeresko is a New York-based glass artist considered transgender by netizens despite her statement in this matter.

She is famous as the winner of 1st season of Blow Away, which premiered on Netflix in 2019. She had also faced backlash for her controversial statements about the binary of masculinity and femininity in the finale of that show.

Is Deborah Czeresko Transgender?

According to her Instagram page, her sexual orientation is female, and she hopes to be called she/they. However, many fans consider her a lesbian because of her statements about a male-driven society.

Deborah Czeresko Photographed With One Of The Producers Of The Show, Amy Hosking
Deborah Czeresko Photographed With One Of The Producers Of The Show, Amy Hosking( Source : instagram )

Deborah's artwork for the competition's grand prize, which gave her the top rank, was a radical recreation of breakfast, equipped with a fecund fried egg and a canopy of sausage links. It incorporated many feminist principles and her experience as a female and a lesbian.

She was given a tag of a TERF – trans-exclusionary radical feminist for her ideas and statements that she showcased in front of judges in the show.

Is Deborah Czeresko Married? Wife And Partner Details

She is not married or either has a girlfriend at the moment. She had not been involved in any relationship which is publicly known. The TV personality has more than 30 years of experience working with glasses; hence, she conquered the first season of Blown Away with her magnificent skills and expertise.

In this unique series, a group of artists from around the globe are challenged to compete in a glassblowing competition for a residency at the Corning Museum of Glass, a sizeable prize, and indelible bragging rights. All of this was attained by Deborah Czeresko in the first Netflix season, which launched in 2019.

Where Is Deborah Czeresko Now?

She was born July 27, 1961, in the United States of America. Nowadays, she operates a business based in New York City that deals with glass arts and abstract structures. She also does custom arts according to the desire of her customer.

Deborah Czeresko Was Spotted In The Latest Trailer Of Blown Away
Deborah Czeresko Was Spotted In The Latest Trailer Of Blown Away( Source : instagram )

Recently she was seen in a promo video for the 3rd season of Blown Away. She is promoting the show via her Instagram, and it seems like she could be appearing as an essential person in this installment of Blown Away. However, it is still unclear about her role, which will be unveiled on July 22 after the show is premiered on Netflix.

Deborah Czeresko's Biography

Deborah Czeresko is a skilled craftsperson from the USA which entered the glass industry in 1987 after earning a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Rutgers University. At Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, she later completed a master's program in studio art.

Deborah first worked as an intern at the New York Experimental Glass Workshop. Still, she swiftly rose through the ranks to become a skilled educator and visiting artist at many organizations and schools around the USA and Europe, landing her a spot on Blown Away.

Her pieces are part of the permanent collections of the Frauenau Glass Museum, Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, and the Museum of American Glass in Millville, New Jersey. From 2008 until 2018, she sat on the board of directors of Brooklyn-based glassblowing business UrbanGlass.

She had tried lots of activities before being featured in the show. The show finally praised and appreciated her talents and hard work, which allowed her to grow and showcase her talent in front of the world. Blown Away made its premiere, becoming the first performance involving glassblowing in the world after featuring body painting, piercings, shepherds, and mini-golf.

Blown Away Season 3 Premieres On Netflix On July 22, 2022

The glassblowing competition reality TV show Blown Away had its world premiere on the Canadian channel Makeful before being made available on Netflix. On July 12, 2019, the first season's ten episodes were made public. The show is produced by Marblemedia and is filmed in Canada. Season 2 of Netflix was made available in January 2021.

The third season of the show will debut on July 22, 2022. A prize package totaling $60,000 is awarded to the winner, which includes an artist residency at the Corning Museum of Glass.