What Happened To Don Lemon? TV Personality Illness And Health Related Problems Explained

Don Lemon is a popular American television journalist

CNN anchor Don Lemon practically handed Kasich the riot book as things started getting quite intense on the CNN set on Wednesday night.

Former Ohio governor and political pundit John Kasich said that he believed President Donald Trump did a "great" job with his Oval Office address on the coronavirus. Lemon was not pleased with his comments, and things got heated.

When Kasich asked Lemon if he could complete what he was saying at one point during their heated argument, Lemon retaliated, "No, you can't, John!" Don currently works as the host of "Don Lemon Tonight: on CNN.

Is Don Lemon Sick? Journalist Health Issues 

Because of his extreme weight loss, Don Lemon is considered sick. But he is not ill. He recently hosted political commentator John Kasich's interview show, "Don Lemon Tonight."

Lemon is an American television personality who hosts local television weekend newscasts. Don's illness, therefore, appears to be a sham. On May 17, Don was spotted on the beach with his friend Tim and his canine companions, enjoying quality time together.


The 56-year-old journalist said that a neighboring adolescent boy had sexually assaulted him when he was five or six years old during a radio interview with Bishop Eddie Long's church congregation members in September 2010. Lemon said he did not tell his mother about the incident until he was thirty.

L'Tanya Lemon Grimes, his sister, passed away in 2018 at 58. According to authorities, she accidentally drowned while fishing in a pond. He inaugurated his program by thanking everyone who had sent him "prayers and messages of support" after he had been gone for almost a week. 

Don Lemon Weight Loss And Illness Update 2022

A television journalist from the United States named Don Lemon has worked primarily on broadcasting. People have therefore observed his weight reduction and worried whether he has some illness causing his drastic weight loss.

He looked a lot leaner on the show than he had before. In 2016, Lemon dropped about 25 pounds. Additionally, he told his followers just how much weight he had lost. After losing weight, the journalist seemed lovely and in great shape.

Since Don cares about his health and wellbeing, he has discussed his weight reduction. He added that he had recognized he had grown older and now needed to alter his eating patterns, which required him to give up fried foods.

"I am a man of a certain age now. I am going to have to change my diet." Lemon told Page Six. He is not avoiding any fried or junk food and maintains a healthy, nutritious diet.

Is Don Lemon Gay? 

In 2011, Lemon became one of the few openly homosexual black guys on television after officially appearing gay in his 2011 memoir, Transparent.

However, he has been openly gay in his private life and with close friends. Lemon said he was maybe five or six years old when he first realized he was gay.

Along with sexual molestation as a youngster, he also talked about cultural racism in the black community. In the book, he paid tribute to Tyler Clementi, a college student who committed himself after his friend outed him online. 


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Did Don Lemon Get Fired From CNN?

No, Don Lemon did not get fired from anywhere. He is a famous American television broadcaster and the host of CNN's show Don Lemon Tonight.

A couple of hours ago, he tweeted a picture of him hosting the show with guests Alice Stewart and S.E. Cupp. His Twitter bio says, "Host: Don Lemon Tonight #CNN." So it is clear he is not leaving or getting fired from CNN.

CNN welcomed Lemon in September 2006. He has been vocal in his employment at CNN, challenging the network in public and criticizing the condition of cable news.

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