Is Greg Cosell Related To Howard Cosell? Family Ties You Didn't Know About

ESPN's and NFL Films' Greg Cosell joins John Schmeelk to talk about what the Giants did in free agency, Daniel Jones, and the NFL Draft.

Greg Cosell is well known for being a senior producer at NFL Films and an NFL analyst.

An American sports journalist, broadcaster, and author by the name of Howard William Cosell. Cosell rose to prominence and gained influence while working for ABC Sports.

The iconic line "the Bronx is burning" is widely credited to Cosell.

Yes, Greg Cosell is related to Howard Cosell.

Howard was Greg Cosell's uncle( Father's Brother). The relationship of both Howard Cosell and Greg Cosell is well known to the world. He was the nephew of the renowned broadcaster Howard Cosell, but he never capitalized on his surname.

The younger Cosell was irritated by people repeatedly circulating false information and took to Twitter to end the topic once and for all. NFL insiders, for his football knowledge, widely regard Greg Cosell.

Some first accused him of being the product of nepotism, while others applauded them, stating that talent runs in their family.

There has never been a day in Greg's career when he has utilized his uncle's name to secure jobs or other possibilities; instead, he entered the sector with his commitment. Greg has stood firm on his own for the entirety of his career.

He is regarded as one of the most modest and complex men in his line of business.

Who Is Greg Cosell?

Senior producer at NFL Films and an NFL analyst, Greg Cosell.

He is the late broadcaster Howard Cosell's nephew. NFL insiders hold Cosell in high respect for his football acumen. Greg Cosell, an NFL analyst, is a true jewel in the industry thanks to his remarkable talent that is impossible to duplicate.

The president dubbed him the "Barin of the show" and couldn't stop chanting his praises. 

Cosell, one of the top NFL personnel and matches analysts in the nation, and Steve Sabol, president of NFL Films, developed the "Matchup" idea in 1984. The following program, "Monday Night Matchup," started by breaking out the Monday night game each week. The program changed its name to "NFL Matchup" when it began to cover the entire league.

Growing up in Queens, NY, Greg Cosell was always on a team. A huge sports fan, Cosell played baseball and basketball on local teams until the time he left for Amherst, where he played three years of college basketball.
Growing up in Queens, NY, Greg Cosell was always on a team. A huge sports fan, Cosell played baseball and basketball on local teams until the time he left for Amherst, where he played three years of college basketball.( Source : Giants )

Greg and the other authors review and analyze "coaching film," which features every play from all 22 players on the field. Greg is uniquely qualified to diagnose an NFL game since he has over 40 years of experience watching tape, and his understanding of the NFL is the most thorough of any pro football analyst in the industry.

Cosell has been collaborating with the founders of for a decade and a half, beginning in the early to mid-2000s when Fantasy Points publisher John Hansen controlled the Fantasy Guru website.

This collaboration predates his work at NFL Films. Greg's involvement and opinion will be more critical than ever for this new endeavor. It is, in fact, already. Greg prepared an NFL Draft Guide in 2020 with that features his assessments of more than 90 new rookies.

Journalist And Commentator Howard Cosell Career

Despite being one of the most divisive sports broadcasters in American media, Howard Cosell reinvented the position of the sports commentator and forever altered the relationship between professional sports leagues and broadcasters thanks to his provocative demeanor and reluctance to fit in.

Howard William Cohen, an attorney, rose to prominence in the early 1950s as a radio and television boxing match reporter for Cassius Clay and Muhammad Ali. Cosell's dominance in the field increased along with the success of the Clay/Ali fights, but football, not boxing, made him well-known.

Cosell, a founding member of ABC's Monday Night Football announcing crew, provided a style of analysis that had never before been heard, much less on national television, while working with football greats Don Meredith and Frank Gifford from 1970 through 1983.

Howard is best remembered as the greatest sportscaster in the history of sports.
Howard is best remembered as the greatest sportscaster in the history of sports.( Source : Imdb )

Many viewers and ABC decision-makers disliked Cosell's trademark "I tell it like it is" attitude. Still, the remarks that sparked the now-famous on-air arguments with Meredith made Monday Night Football the country's highest-rated program and the show a household name.

Sports leagues had the authority to approve network broadcasters before they went on-air before Cosell was hired. Roone Arledge, the president of ABC Sports, was so impressed with Cosell's comic timing and ability to enrage and amuse that he refused to let the NFL or any other league approve his announcers, opening the door for colorful broadcasters to take the mic and ushering in the era of 24-hour sports coverage.

Greg Cowell's Family Life

Greg Cosell has been blissfully wedded to his wife Debbi for many years.

In an interview with The New York Times, he admitted that he could work as much as he wants, but weekends are for his family.

He has also had two adult daughters, Emily and Jessica. Sadly his children are not into sports like their father and are often encourage spending time away from media. Even his social media are full of his analysis as he never uploads photos of his family.

He has also acknowledged that spending time with his wife and children on the weekends is one of his favorite moments. He yet persists in his efforts.