Is Jason Kipnis Married To Samantha Korb? MLB Star's Wife and Net Worth

Jason Kipnis and her girlfriend Samantha watching a baseball game ( Source : Instagram )

Jason Kipnis, a professional baseball player, is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Samantha Korb.

Kipnis is currently not affiliated with any clubs and is a free agent for the time being before any major MLB clubs come and snatch a deal. After a breakthrough in Major League Baseball (MLB) with the Cleveland Indians in 2011, he played there for eight seasons. 

He became a free agent when the Indians confirmed on October 31 that they had declined their club option on his contract for the 2020 campaign. Kipnis and the Chicago Cubs agreed to a one-year deal on February 18, 2020. Moreover, an invitation to the Cubs' major league spring training camp in 2020 was included in the contract. 

Following that year, he left Chicago Cubs and joined the Atlanta Braves on a minor league contract. The Braves released Kipnis on November 11, 2021, and for almost a year, he has not been contacted by any clubs that he thinks to suit him the most.

Players becoming older sometimes have trouble finding high-caliber teams, but since they are less physically fit, more senior players are frequently left out of squads.

Quick Facts About Jason Kipnis

Full NameJason Michael Kipnis
ParentsMark and Kay Kipnis
Marries StatusUnmarried
Net Worth$20 million
Height1.8 m
ProfessionAmerican baseball player

Jason Kipnis played for Cleveland Guardians from 2011 to 2019
Jason Kipnis played for Cleveland Guardians from 2011 to 2019( Source : Forbes )

Is Jason Kipnis Married To Samantha Korb? Wife Or Girlfriend

Jason Kipnis is not married to his girlfriend, Samantha Korb. The Chicago, Illinois homegrown Samantha is a fitness expert and nutrition specialist.

The couple gained media attention a few years back as they always came up with new ways to dominate the internet. But as of late, most new media believe they are no longer in a relationship. 

It is because they upload fewer pictures of them on social media now than a couple of years ago, which led many publications to think that Jason and Samantha's relationship is ice cold and not as good as back in the day.

Some outlets spread the word that the pair had broken up, but this turned out to be a fake because they are still together. They frequently post their stunning images on social media. Kipnis is still dating Samantha Korb, and although they might share comparatively fewer pictures than in the past, their love has not dropped a bit and still exudes those same charismatic impressions.

Their most recent picture on social media is one that MLB star Jason Kipnis uploaded on his Instagram in July this year. He uploaded a lovely picture of himself and his wife-to-be girlfriend, Samantha Lorin. He wore a blue t-shirt whereas his future miss was on a blacktop.

Similarly, the Player Wives Twitter page also shared an image of the two lovers in October 2016. The couple was captured at a baseball game they attended as viewers on the stand. Though they did not reveal when they became a thing, they probably started at the start of the last decade.

On the other hand, it looks like his brother Blair Kipnis is married and has a beautiful daughter. His brother is married to Erica Tuite Kipnis, and they welcomed a baby girl, whom Jason calls "monkey," with love.

Jason Kipnis and his wife-to-be girlfriend attending a family party
Jason Kipnis and his wife-to-be girlfriend attending a family party ( Source : instagram )

Who Is Samantha Korb? Kipnis' Relationship Timeline

Jason Kipnis's future wife, Samantha Korb, is a fitness professional and nutrition expert.

She identifies as a personal fitness trainer and has worked with many clients. She remains busy with her professional work and her passion for her career. She has an Instagram account with the moniker @wendypeffercorn24, which has 1.8K followers with 563 posts.

Samantha works diligently to shape her figure. She may thus serve as a trainer on a tv reality show, The Biggest Loser. Just take a look at how fit she became for herself. Korb often promotes her gym and teaching on social media, making it clear that it is essential to her life.

From 2009 until 2011, Samantha served as the Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's marketing director. She then worked as an executive assistant for the Baum Realty Group as her next position. She currently works as an NPC contestant, nutritional fitness consultant, class instructor, and personal trainer who has earned the NASM certification.

Being passionate about a craft is a positive thing. Samantha Korb, Jason's partner, is undoubtedly very talented and disciplined. She listed her competition swimsuit for sale during the summer of 2016.

Samantha likes to relax and drink champagne with her pals before competitions. With good company, drinking champagne is always enjoyable. As a result, Jason has to learn a lesson and sip champagne before essential games. The best way to celebrate a successful play on the baseball field is definitely with champagne. The champagne is opened when you win a pennant!

Jason Kipnis Was Born To Parents Mark And Kay Kipnis

Jason Kipnis was born Jason Michael Kipnis on April 3, 1987, to his parents, Mark And Kay Kipnis.

The Kipnis couple raised him in a suburb of Chicago in Northbrook, Illinois. He was in Steve Bartman's neighborhood and grew up as a Chicago Cubs fan. People might recall Steve Bartman as a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan who became known to the public following the infamous Steve Bartman incident in 2003.

Jason's father significantly impacted his baseball career when he was a little boy. He engaged in baseball in both Little League and the American Legion. Despite participating in baseball, football, and soccer as a child, Kipnis claimed that his dream of playing professional baseball was always evident. 

He is the youngest among the four children Mark and Kay Kipnis have. His parents raised him with three siblings in peace and harmony. Blair and Todd are his elder brother, whereas she has an elder sister named Amanda.

Kipnis, 35, enrolled in Glenbrook North High School. He was a student at the University of Kentucky, where his freshman year saw him steal 11 bases while hitting.337. Later on, Kipnis was transferred to Arizona State University.

Who is Jason Kipnis's mother, Kay Kipnis?

His mom Kay Kipnis was born Kay Ann on October 24, 1944. She is 78 years old as of 2022. 

Moreover, his father Mark was charged with taking part in a $60 million scam orchestrated by Lord Conrad, the chairman and principal shareholder of Hollinger, in 2005, causing him to experience a terrible period with his family.

Kay and her husband have been together for more than four decades. Mark was employed at PriceWaterhouse and the Chicago legal firm of Holleb & Coff, and He was a CPA and attorney.

Jason Kipnis parents Mark and Kay Kipnis have been married for more than forty years
Jason Kipnis parents Mark and Kay Kipnis have been married for more than forty years ( Source : google )

Jason Kipnis Net Worth And Earnings in 2022

 Jason Kipnis, a former Cleveland Indians second baseman, has an estimated net worth of $20 million. 

Moreover, according to the Celebrity Net Worth, the left-handed MLB player's annual earnings are around $4 million. He makes most of his money from the baseball profession, but as of late, he is not affiliated with any clubs and, thus, has no direct income.

However, the veteran professional baseman has many passive income sources, which still account for a considerable number, in addition to his deal with many sponsors and commercial brands.

Kipnis is the owner of Seesaw Columbus, a high-profile bar. @seesawcbus on Instagram has 10.7K followers, and it says "Food • Sports • Nightlife" on its bio. Besides, he also runs another bar, The Farmcle.

He reportedly spent almost $1.3 million on a lavish home he purchased in 2016. Jason has a wide variety of pricey and elegant automobiles, including Bentley, Jaguar, and Rolls Royce.

Salary: Contract With Cleveland Indians

In both 2013 and 2015, he was a member of the MLB All-Star team. In 2016, he seized the American League Championship, and in 2014 a six-year deal worth $52.5 million contract with the Indians. 

The agreement stipulates a $52,500,000 guarantee, a signing bonus of $1 million, and an average yearly salary of $8,750,000. Kipnis has a base salary of $14.5 million in 2019 and total pay of $14,666,668. In the first year of 2014, he received an annual salary of almost 2 million dollars.

MLB star Jason Kipnis has a net worth of $20 million
MLB star Jason Kipnis has a net worth of $20 million ( Source : youtube )

Baseball Star Jason Has Three Siblings

His parents raised Jason along with his three siblings: Todd, Blair, and sister Amanda.

Though not many details have surfaced about his brothers, his older sister, Amanda, is an athlete. She played softball at the University of Maryland. 

Speaking with NBC 5, Amanda expressed her will to continue her playing career and play in the World Series, but that ship has long sailed. However, she is happy her brother Jason is doing all she dreamed of, defying all the doubts.

She said, "I don’t think you realize this life actually happens for some people and some people really do play in the World Series and oh my God it is my brother.”

The Kipnis family, who were not so in line with Tribe, now fancy the club since Jason joined it in 2011. Although she occasionally feels like she is in a dream, she has started supporting Tribe.