Is Kim Byrnes Leaving Fox 4? Reporter Has Been In Network For Over 2 Decades

Kim Byrnes Is Rumored To Be Leaving Fox 4 After Serving The Company For More Than 2 Decades ( Source : Facebook )

Kim Byrnes is a news reporter for Fox 4 news channel who is rumoured to leave the Fox network after serving on it for over two decades.

Byrnes is the anchor and reporter for the 9 a.m. news of Fox 4 television network. She joined the channel in 1997 and has been one of the company's longest-serving employees.

Is Kim Byrnes Leaving Fox 4?

No, Kim Byrnes is not leaving Fox 4 as of now. She is one of the important and experienced members of the team. Kim has not posted anything regarding her departure from the tv station. She is available on various social media platforms.

However, she doesn't post about herself on those platforms regularly. Her recent activity was a Facebook post nearly three weeks ago. The post was a throwback photo of her reporting days for Fox 4 Network.

She mentioned that she has been working with the tv network for a long time. That post of hers might be the reason for the circulation of these rumours.

Fox 4 Reporter's Wikipedia And Age Explored

Kim Byrnes hosts and covers the news at nine in the morning and twelve. She became the part of Fox 4 team in 1997. She was appointed as a general assignment reporter. Later she was upgraded to be the anchor of the weekend evening shows.

Kim Byrnes In 2019
Kim Byrnes In 2019 ( Source : Facebook )

Kim was energetic and enthusiastic from a very young age. She loved to speak in front of the masses and describe her stories to them. Once while she was in 6th grade, she stretched a 3-minute speech to 27 minutes.

Her teacher noticed that unique talent and advised her to establish this talent as a career in future. She has worked very hard to achieve this position.

The detail about her age is not available on the internet as she hasn't disclosed that information in front of the media. However, judging from her appearance, she seems to be in her forties.

Is Kim Byrnes married? Details About TV Reporter's Husband And Children

Kim is a very private person. She has not mentioned anything about her personal life on mainstream media or social media. She has maintained the privacy of her family members.

Hence, we are not sure still whether she is single, married or divorced as of now. The details about her children are also not available.

Kim Byrnes's Net Worth

Kim has been a part of Fox Network's team for the last two decades. She has worked for multiple projects of Fox 4, gaining experience in multiple fields of journalism.

Her annual salary as a reporter could range from $20,000 to $100,000. After combining all her assets, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 Million by 2022.