Is Laci J Mailey Pregnant? Actress From The Pregnancy Project Might Be Expecting Second Child

 Laci J Mailey Is Not Pregnant In 2022

Canadian actress Laci J. Mailey is well-known for her portraying Tyra in the movie The Pregnancy Project (2012). She entered the entertainment industry in 2011; thus, it has already been a decade since her establishment. Therefore, we can see Mailey in several films and series, namely, The Romeo Section (2016), Chesapeake Shores (2016-2021), Newlywed and Dead (2016), The Dorm (2014), Falling Skies (2012-2014), and Throw Away People (2012), among others.

Besides the given, a few more of her on-screen credits include Hunt for the I-5 Killer (2011), Captain Starship (2011), and Notes from the Heart Healer (2012). Her upcoming short feature, Mary Jean Remembers, has her acknowledged as a writer, director, producer, and actor. 

The actress's professional life is an open book. Information on her show business engagement is just a click away; however, her personal life could be a deal. If you are someone who is not active on Instagram, you could've missed knowing the domestic matters of The Pregnancy Project actress. The actress is a married woman and has two children. As the rumor appeals, she is not pregnant, though. 

Is Laci J Mailey Pregnant? 

The Canadian actress is not pregnant as of the moment. Her pregnancy news sometimes gets tangled with the movie, The Pregnancy Project she played in 2012. Besides that, the current buzz on her pregnancy could have been genuine if it were a year ago because recently, in March 2022, Mailey gave birth to her second child.

Mailey is @thelacijmailey on Instagram with 51.1 thousand followers. The actress shares most of her personal life on this platform, including updates about her husband and kids. Furthermore, she appears to have uploaded creative images of her first pregnancy on her Instagram account, but it doesn't look like she's been posting as much about her second. 


Nonetheless, Mailey has already welcomed her second child, a beautiful daughter, to this world and is no longer pregnant. Her latest Instagram post, dated 23 March 2022, includes a video of her husband and son adoring their newly born baby girl.

Laci J Mailey Is Married To Her Husband Steve Bradley

Laci J. Mailey is a married woman. She dated her boyfriend-turned-husband, Steve Bradley, for over 11 years before getting married on 28 July 2016. The couple seems to enjoy their marital life a lot, given that they genuinely seem happy and lively, posting to each other on their social media. 

Steve is @thestevebradley on Instagram with 2354 followers. His Instagram page suggests that he is a photographer. Bradley'sBradley's Instagram posts include very old photos of him and Mailey, so if you are interested in the pair's growth as a couple, visit his profile. Bradley frequently uses Mailey as a model for his photography ventures on his social media.

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The Pregnancy Project Actress Has Two Children

The 32-year-old actress is already a mother of two. Her first child, her son, Cassius Leo Bradley, was born on 22 October 2019, and her second child, her daughter, whose name is a secret, was born in 2022.


Steve Bradley, as shown on Mailey's Instagram page, has inked the birthdate of Cassius's name on his chest. The parents very much adore the firstborn child. Cassius's giggles, laughs, pictures, and other candid videos can be seen posted on their social media platforms with great compassion and a sense of massive treasure.

Mailey's second-born daughter seems to be kept more private than Cassius. It could be because the parents don't want to expose their daughter to the eyes of the public at such a young age.