Mick Lombardi Is Not Related To Vince Lombardi, Game Relation Between The NFL Coaches

Mike Lombardi is an American football executive and media analyst.

Since both Mick Lombardi and Vince Lombardi have the same surname, fans often wonder if these two legends are related.

Here, we look forward to debunking this mystery for you.

Michael Lombardi, a sportscaster, and writer for the NFL, is not related to the renowned coach of the Washington Redskinsand the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi.


It is common for the descendants of people who settled in Lombardy and other parts of Northern Italy to take on the surname Lombardi. Michael "Mike" Lombardi currently holds the position of General Manager for the Cleveland Browns. He formerly worked as a reporter for and as an analyst for the NFL Network. Lombardi's past roles in the National Football League (NFL) include executive positions with the Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, St. Louis Rams, and Philadelphia Eagles.

On the other hand, Vince Lombardi was an American professional gridiron football coach who became a national icon of unwavering commitment to victory. When he worked as the head coach of the Green Bay Packers, which spanned nine seasons (1959–1967), Lombardi trained the team for five championships in the National Football League (NFL).

In the final two seasons, he led the team to victory in the first two Super Bowl games against the American Football League titleholder. He did this while the Packers were previously considered a moribund franchise.

Mick Lombardi Is A Grandparent To Five Grandchildren

Mick is a voracious reader who takes a particular interest in the biography of Lyndon Baines Johnson written by Robert Caro.

He and his wife, Millie, have two sons: Matt and Mick. Matt is currently working as an assistant quarterbacks coach for the Carolina Panthers, while Mick has been working as the offensive coordinator for the Las Vegas Raiders since the 2022 season. Michael and his wife have also been blessed to add five grandkids to their family: four grandsons and one granddaughter.

Vince Lombardi And His Family

During the fall of 1934, Vince Lombardi's roommate Jim Lawlor made the introduction between him and Marie Planitz. The latter was Lawlor's cousin.

The status-conscious stockbroker, Marie's father, opposed the idea of his daughter marrying the son of an Italian butcher from Brooklyn. Marie made it clear that she had a strong desire to wed Lombardi. Lombardi and Marie were finally united in matrimony on August 31, 1940. Marie's first pregnancy was unsuccessful, and she had a miscarriage. Marie was severely affected by this. She began engaging in heavy drinking, which would continue to be a struggle for her for the rest of her life.

Their son Vincent Henry Lombardi, also known as Vince Jr., was born in 1942, and five years later, in 1947, they welcomed their daughter Susan into the world.

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Net Worth Comparison Of Mike Lombardi And Vincen Lombardi

The current estimation of Mike's net worth is $3.5 million.

During the 2013 season, Lombardi served as the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. He was then sacked and replaced by Ray Farmer. During his role as GM, he amassed over $46 million in salary cap space and stocked up on 2014 draft selections.


Mike worked various jobs during his career, which allowed him to acquire a significant fortune. He has devoted three decades working in the football industry as an executive, commentator, host, and writer. Because of this, he has been able to amass a respectable amount of professional earnings over the years with no lingering uncertainties.

Some of the highest-paid coaches in the National Football League (NFL) earn upwards of $10 million each season. On the other hand, Lombardi's starting salary as a football coach was far lower than $2,000 per year.

Although different sources report different figures for his annual salary—some claim $1,000, while others say $1,800—one thing is clear: the young coach did not make a significant amount of money. Having established his reputation in New York, Vince Lombardi was prepared to launch his own business when the time came. The National Football League would never be the same once he agreed to take over the financially unstable Green Bay Packers in 1959.

When he passed away in 1970, he held the position of executive vice president of the club. It is believed that he made an annual income of $110,000 and controlled 50 shares of the team's stock with a combined worth of $500,000.

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