Is Rennae Stubbs Married? Girlfriend Eden Bruce Age Difference And Net Worth

Rennae Stubbs Is Openly A Lesbian And Is In A Relationship With Her Partner Eden Bruce
Rennae Stubbs Is Openly A Lesbian And Is In A Relationship With Her Partner Eden Bruce( Source : instagram )

Rennae Stubbs, a tennis coach and former professional tennis player is not married yet, but she is in a relationship with her partner, Eden Bruce. The couple is lesbian and is proudly a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

In 2006, when she was 35 years old, she came out as a lesbian. The tennis coach hasn't said precisely when she began dating her current partner, but reports claim they have been together since 2018.

Rennae has marked her presence in the world tennis community by being an exceptional player in the past and by being a skilled and talented coach in current times. The former tennis star has become part of many famous tennis players, including Serena Williams. As Serena Williams competed in her final grand slam match in 2022, Stubbs was a member of her squad.

Is Rennae Stubbs Married To Girlfriend Eden Bruce?

Rennae is not married to her partner Eden Bruce, but their relationship is not different from that of a married couple. They spend quality time together and have become a pillar of strength and support for each since a long time. Rennae opened up publicly as a lesbian in 2006 when she was 35.

She was involved in one more relationship with another lady before meeting Eden in 2018. She had a romantic connection with Lisa Raymond in the past. Lisa and Rennae used to be a double pair. Within a short time, they parted ways. Despite the short lifespan of their romance, their friendship is still going strong.

Rennae expressed that she faced many difficulties in addressing her sexuality in front of the public. She revealed that she wants to be a little more open about her sexuality now because she wants other 16-year-old girls out there to consider it. The tennis pro continued by saying that it is OK for someone to love another person and that it would be wonderful if everyone could simply accept that it is not a choice.

She described how dealing with it and coming out to people, talking about it, and coming out to their families is difficult. Stubbs has stated that she wanted to be true to herself and that she thought she needed to be honest and upfront about it because to do otherwise would be to reject her own identity.

Rennae Stubbs Met Her Partner Eden Bruce In 2018
Rennae Stubbs Met Her Partner Eden Bruce In 2018 ( Source : instagram )

Stubbs won two mixed-doubles titles in addition to four Grand Slam doubles titles. In 2000, she held the No. 1 doubles ranking in the world. In addition, she participated in Australia's four Olympic Summer Games in a row: Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, and Beijing 2008. Despite being a decorated player in the history of Australian tennis, she is also known as a talented tennis commentator, tv host, and coach.

Coach Rennae Stubbs Net Worth In 2022

Rennae began her career as a tennis coach in 2018. In this short period, she has already significantly impacted her career as a coach. She is skilled and possesses tons of knowledge about the game. That vital knowledge is crucial when a player has to perform at their best during a game. This is why she has gained wide popularity as a coach in a short period.

She never stated her financial gains or assets in front of the media, but reports suggest that she earns an annual salary of $100,000 as a tennis coach. She has a net worth of $5 Million in 2022. She would have been one of the highest-paid tennis players of current times if she had been born 20 years late than her actual age.

From 1992 through the end of the 2010 WTA Tour, Stubbs won 60 doubles matches, more than any other Australian woman. She was successful with eleven different partners.

Together with her usual partner Lisa Raymond, Stubbs won the season-ending WTA Championships in 2001, earning the title of ITF World Champion. Stubbs has played for 17 years, starting in 1992, and has a 28-9 win-loss record in doubles. He is the team's longest-tenured player. After the 2011 Fed Cup match against Italy, she gave up playing in the competition.

Rennae Stubbs And Eden Bruce Age Difference

Rennae was born on March 26, 1971, in Sydney, Australia. According to that information, the former tennis player is 51 in 2022. Despite originating from Australia, she resides in Tampa, Florida, USA, with her beautiful partner.

Eden is always supportive of her partner and is seen together with Rennae in every major tennis event. She never revealed her age publicly but judging from her looks and appearances; she could be close to 30.

Despite having a vast age difference, they are still able to maintain their connection. They are from different generations, yet they still adore and comprehend one another.

Eden Bruce has seen significantly less in public. She occasionally features on the social media pages of her partner. She always supports Rennae in her career as a proud and faithful partner. Some fans believe the transition of Rennae from a successful player to a skilled coach was possible because of Eden's constant support and faith.

She stepped forward as a tennis coach in 2018. She coached professional Karolna Plkova from August 2018 to spring 2019. Stubbs and Conchita Martnez were the only two female top 10 player coaches at the time. Stubbs won the OLY post-nominal championship in the Brisbane International competition in January 2019.

Stubbs was subsequently added to Samantha Stosur's coaching staff. She was only supposed to play alongside Stosur through the conclusion of the 2019 season.

Still, after seeing how well she did at the end of the year, the two have chosen to play together throughout 2020, beginning in Australia. Stosur won the doubles competition at the 2021 U.S. Open under Stubbs' guidance. Recently in 2022, she was part of the coaching team of star tennis player Serena Williams when she concluded her journey as a tennis player. 

Rennae Stubbs Shared Her Experience As The Coach Of Serena Williams

Rennae Stubbs was Serena Williams' on-court coach for the US Open, who was regularly spotted with her during warm-ups and in her box during games.

The Australian and the 40-year-old teamed up after the latter lost to Emma Raducanu in Cincinnati. In an interview with Good Morning America, Stubbs claimed that after approaching the American veteran to ask for some advice, she continued to hang out with the 23-time Major champion at all subsequent training sessions.

Rennae Stubbs Started Her Coaching Career In 2018
Rennae Stubbs Started Her Coaching Career In 2018 ( Source : en )

Stubbs was the World No. 1 in doubles. The Australian has six Grand Slam victories to her résumé, several of which she shared with Lisa Raymond, who served as her professional and longstanding personal companion.

At the 2000 Australian Open, Stubbs and Raymond defeated Martina Hingis and Mary Pierce to win their first Major doubles championship. With Jared Palmer as her partner, the Australian also triumphed in the Mixed Doubles competition that year.

Rennae Stubbs Career As A TV Commentator

Rennae is a talented woman who has experience working in multiple fields. Despite being a successful player and coach, she has also proved her worth as a tv commentator while working for several companies in the past.

Between 2011 and 2018, she worked for the Seven Network as a women's match analyst. She is currently a full-time commentator for ESPN tennis and the host of her podcast, The Racquet Magazine. She held a scholarship from the Australian Institute of Sport.

Rennae Stubbs Worked As The Lead Female Analyst At The 2012 London The 2016 Rio And The 2020 Tokyo Olympics For NBC
Rennae Stubbs Worked As The Lead Female Analyst At The 2012 London The 2016 Rio And The 2020 Tokyo Olympics For NBC ( Source : rennaestubbs )

Stubbs successfully transitioned from her playing days to her profession as an analyst and host for TV Networks, including ESPN, Tennis Channel, and Channel Seven Australia. She also served as NBC's top female analyst for the Olympics in London in 2012, Rio de Janeiro in 2016, and Tokyo in 2020.