Is Roz Weston Related To Galen Weston? Their Relation Details

Roz Weston for ET Canada

Roz Weston and Galen Weston's relationship draws speculations due to the same surname. But, sometimes, names can be deceiving. 

Both Roz and late Galen are prominent Canadian figures. Roz Weston is a broadcaster, author, and former reporter at ET Canada. In comparison, Galen was a businessman and chairman of Goerge Weston Limited. 

Due to the similarities in their surname "Weston," people sometimes speculate the two might be related - or at least remotely connected. However, this is not entirely true. 

No, Roz Weston is not related to Galen Weston.

Galen is a member of "The Weston Family of Canada." The old-money family has prominence in the food and clothing industry of Canada, Ireland, and England. They have their roots in the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, Roz has never mentioned his connection to the Weston family. The similarity in their surname appears to be just a mere coincidence. 

Nonetheless, both Roz and Galen have established themselves in Canada. In fact, late Galen was a supermarket retailer with interest in the largest food retailer in Canada. He was also a chairman of Selfridges Group.

Likewise, Roz was named among the 50 most beautiful faces of Canada. He even has a street named after him in his hometown in Acton, Ontario. 

Roz Weston Family: Meet his daughter Roxy

Though Roz Weston might not be part of Weston's empire, he has his own lovely family.

Roz is currently in a happy relationship with Katherine Holland. The two are even parents to a daughter, Roxy Alabama Weston.

Previously, he was married to another woman who preferred to keep away from the public eye. However, the couple got divorced on their own personal terms. 

Roz lives with his wife and daughter in Toronto with a hefty net worth in the bank. However, the real numbers are not disclosed yet.

He started his career as an intern for Howard Stern. Later, he became a producer at Tronoto-based radio and eventually moved stairs to become part of ET Canada. Furthermore, he also starred in a celebrity cooking show called Chopped Canada. 

He worked for ET Canada for 17 years and departed from the show in May 2022. He is currently working on his memoir titled "A Little Bit Broken." The book will be out on September 27, 2022.

Galen Weston is the heir of "The Weston Family" 

Galen Weston was the grandson of George Weston. 

Galen Weston was a member of the empire with a net worth of £10.53 billion USD. The family was even named the 8th richest person in the UK by the Sunday Time Rich list 2020.

Likewise, the family was named as third richest in Canada, with an estimated wealth of US$8.7 billion in Forbes magazine. They are also known for their philanthropic activities. In fact, Galen alone has donated over $200 million USD to different charities. 

Galen was married to Hillary Weston for 55 years. They even had two children named Alannah and Galen Weston Jr. Sadly, the businessman passed away on April 12, 2021, after battling a long-term illness. 

His empire is currently handled by Galen Weston Jr. Glaen Jr currently serves as the chairman of George Weston Limited, filling his father's shoe.