James Krause Wife Shynel Krause Through Thick and Thin

James Krause wife Shynel Krausean is an IVF fusion specialist and a registered nurse. James and Shynel have two kids together.

Shynel has eight years of experience as a registered nurse. So, she decided to invest in the Dripbar-IV nutrient therapy in 2021. She became the owner of the nutrient therapy company in Kansas City earlier this year on February 27.

She intended on opening two additional locations for the company and also planned on working with Botox services and Red Light Therapy.

James Krause Wife Shynel Krause Is A Nurse

James Krause wife Shynel Krause is a nursing graduate from Park University.

Shynel has been working with the Dripbar since 2021. She decided to invest in the Dripbar, which was implanted in her passion for fitness and overall wellness.

Previously, James worked full-time as an MMA and UFC fighter, while Shynel was involved as an Olympic power lifter and had also been competing in Crossfit.

Shynel professionally worked as a fitness trainer and is currently following two professions parallelly. Currently, she is working as an instructor at Glory MMA And Fitness, specializing in MMA training and combat practice for interested individuals.

Shynel's LinkedIn profile who is Owner of The DRIPBaR Lee’s Summit.
Source : linkedin

She has developed a passion for teaching and empowering other women due to her fitness journey. She strongly emphasizes overcoming any physical or mental limitations in her classes. Additionally, Shynel offers instruction in technical and secure strength training. Her mission is to empower women to be confident, mentally, and physically strong.

While working as a fitness instructor, she is also a potent nurse who operates her health care services via Instagram.

Shynel is the owner of the medical spa The Dripbar Lee’s Summit. The DRIPBaR is committed to the health and welfare of its clients and offers innovative, safe treatments supported by the most recent data and research.

The company aims to promote physical, mental, and cellular wellness by encouraging them to go beyond food, exercise, and conventional medication in their healthcare.

James Krause Children

James and Shynel have two children, a boy named Beckaett and a girl named Lincon.

Recently, James deleted his Instagram handle but his Facebook profile consists of pictures of his lovely children.

James with his kids at Lees Summit, Missouri after his tough training day on February 22, 2022.
Source : facebook

1. Lyncoln Krause

James and Shynel have a daughter named Lyncoln Krause who was born on May 12, 2015.
Lyncoln is seven years old as of 2022. The first child of the Krause couple has shown her interest in martial arts since a young age, with her father training her to punch and kick in her Gi.
James with his daughter also went surfing together as they took a trip to Lees Summit, Missouri. 
Last year on Christmas 2021, the former UFC fighter spent the holidays with his older child on a trip to Lighthouse Point, Florida.

2. Beckett Thomas Krause

James and Shynel welcomed their second child, Beckett Thomas Krause, born on September 24, 2019. Beckett is three years of age as of 2022. 

James with his son at his second birthday on September 24, 2021.
Source : facebook

James shared an image with his lovely son on the occasion of Beckett’s 2nd birthday. James captioned, ” Happy 2nd birthday to my dude! This little guy hasn’t had the easiest two years but he continues to make me smile every day.”

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