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Who Is James May Partner Sarah Frater? Car Crash And Accident Leaves Him Hospitalized

James May with his wife

James May, 58, has been seeing Sarah Frater for twenty years despite not being married. She is now hospitalized and heartbroken after James slams into the wall.

He is a journalist and English television host. Most notably, he co-hosted the driving show Top Gear from 2003 to 2015 with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. Additionally, he was a director for the long-gone production business W. Chump & Sons.

Along with his former Top Gear coworkers Clarkson and Hammond and Top Gear's former producer Andy Wilman, he co-presents the television program The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime Video.

Who Is James May Partner Sarah Frater?

Sarah Frater and James May call West London home. Despite having a long history of being together, the couple has never had children. Sarah is a well-known art critic in addition to being Mindy, Richard Hammond's wife and Mindy's best friend.

We can assume that James May has never been married. James May and Sarah Frater have been dating for some time (2000). He has no children of his own. The historical dates and couplings are updated regularly.

After years of living in what James referred to as "places on the way," he and Sarah just constructed themselves a new home, which James has disclosed.

May has also given programs on topics like toys, wine culture, science and technology, and the state of manliness in contemporary society. From 2003 to 2011, he produced a weekly piece for The Daily Telegraph's automotive section.

Car Crash And Accident Leaves James May Hospitalized

According to the mirror website, James May, the star of The Grand Tour, was injured during a stunt and was taken to the hospital with a broken rib.

James, 59, a former member of Top Gear, is believed to have broken a rib in the collision and required a brain scan before he was given the all-clear.

Before the incident, it has been stated that James was filming with his Grand Tour co-stars when he was asked to participate in a risky drag-style race. According to reports, the task asked James and his co-hosts Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond to race rally cards along a tunnel in the direction of a rock wall.

The drivers had just three seconds to react if they ran out of room because, according to what is known, the tunnel lights in the Norwegian naval facility only turned on as the cars went through. James is said to have jackknifed into the wall after reacting too slowly. He was reportedly driven to a hospital after being helped out of the vehicle.

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More On James May Family And Early Life

James Daniel May, the son of James May and Kathleen May, the manager of an aluminum foundry, was born in Bristol. He is one of four kids and has a brother, two sisters, and himself.

May was a student at Newport's Caerleon Endowed Junior School. His teenage years were spent in South Yorkshire, where he was a choirboy at Whiston Parish Church and attended Oakwood Comprehensive School in Rotherham.

May studied music at Lancaster University's Pendle College, where he picked up the flute and piano. May spent briefly in the civil service after graduating and worked as a records officer for a Chelsea hospital.

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