Jan Vertonghen Wife Sophie de Vries Is A Teacher And Theatre Maker

Jan Vertonghen has a beautiful wife Sophie de Vries
Jan Vertonghen has a beautiful wife Sophie de Vries( Source : instagram )

Jan Vertonghen's wife Sophie de Vries is a professional in a children’s theatre workshop.

Before getting married to Jan, Sophie dated him for a considerable amount of time. They have been one of the power couples in football, and their relationship is the ideal illustration of a responsible and conflict-free pair.

She balances being a housewife and a theatre director in her life. She has excelled and demonstrated that she is a woman with a strong mentality in both sections.

Additionally, Jan is a Belgian professional football player who competes for the national team of Belgium as well as the Belgian club Anderlecht. He and his wife are attending the 2022 World Cup together, and she may be seen cheering him on from the stands.

Anyone who is pursuing their ambitions should look up to Sophie. She surrounds herself with individuals that matter to her and lives life with a grin.

Jan Vertonghen Wife Sophie De Vries Is A Theatre Director And A Teacher

Jan Vertonghen is married to wife Sophie De Vries. Sophie is a Theatre director and works with institutions in the Netherlands.

His wife earned a degree in theater and education in 2010 and has since developed a specialty in creating multidisciplinary and created theater with young people in that area.

For a while, she was based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Her work focused on collaborating with other artists and developing shared ownership of the piece with young people. Her love of scenography and the use of pictures and visuals in her work were also significant aspects of her work.

Sophie De Vries is a teacher and also works in theater
Sophie De Vries is a teacher and also works in theater ( Source : instagram )

Two years after graduation, she worked as an assistant director and "outside eye" for other artists in London. She pursued her Masters in Movement: Directing and Teaching program at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London in 2016 after deciding she wanted to advance her career.

Moreover, she is well-known in her community for her exceptional work. Over the past five years, her career has rapidly expanded. But it didn't come naturally. Sophie has found it difficult to follow her spouse everywhere he goes.

For eight years, the Belgian defender represented Tottenham, while Sophie traveled back and forth between the Netherlands and London to handle both her lives.

Inside Jan Vertonghen And Sophie de Vries Relationship

Jan Vertonghen met his wife, Sophie de Vries, when he was playing for the football club Ajax.

After their first encounters, the couple started dating and quickly fell in love. In 2012, Jan made the decision to go to London after joining Tottenham. Sophie followed a year later in 2013.

Jan Vertonghen and his wife with their three childrens
Jan Vertonghen and his wife with their three childrens ( Source : instagram )

Their connection developed after dating and living together for some time. With the support of all their friends and family, they got married in 2014. A large number of famous people attended their lavish wedding ceremony.

Despite taking separate courses in life, their partnership never faced any major obstacles. The enormous feminine attention the sportsman received throughout his career went unnoticed.

Jan Vertonghen and Sophie De Vries enjoying their time in the beach
Jan Vertonghen and Sophie De Vries enjoying their time in the beach ( Source : instagram )

They are joyful parents of three lovely children. Leyla, the couple's first child, was born in 2015. In 2017, Sophie gave birth to a boy, the couple's second child. The couple welcomed a third child in 2020.

Despite his busy schedule, Jan makes time for his family in his free time. The pair is frequently observed having fun with friends, lounging on the beach, or going out on a date in the evening. The couple's preferred vacation destination is Hawaii.

She is on Instagram under the handle @sophiedevries. At the moment, only her 237 followers can see her 101 posts.