Who Are Javin Hunter And Niele Ivey? Jaden Ivey Athlete Parents And Motivation For NBA Draft 2022

Jaden Hunter ( Source : Statechampsnetwork )

Javin Hunter, born on May 9, 1990, is a former American football wide receiver while Niele Ivey is an American college basketball coach. Whereas, Jaden Ivey an American college basketball player is the only son of Javin Hunter and Niele Ivey.

Jaden Ivey was born on February 13, 2002, in Indiana and was raised by his single, athletic mother. The shooting guard grew up in a family that valued athleticism. The talented player now plays for the Big Ten Conference-playing Purdue University men's basketball team. 

In high school, Jaden took part in a variety of sports, including football, soccer, and karate. Jaden attended Marian High School for his first three years of high school before transferring to La Lumiere School for his senior year and agreed to play for Purdue University despite receiving several offers.

In international competitions, Jaden has represented the United States and was a member of Latvia's 2021 FIBA Under-19 World Cup team that won the gold medal. Ivey is being scouted by numerous NBA clubs and is anticipated to be one of the top picks in the 2022 NBA Draft.

Who Are Javin Hunter And Niele Ivey? 

Jaden Ivey and his Notre Dame coach mom, Niele Ivey
Jaden Ivey and his Notre Dame coach mom, Niele Ivey ( Source : Indystar )

Former American scorer star Javin Hunter is a well-being receiver. While Niele Deirdre Jamillah Viveca Ivey is an established Americal coach. Basketball player Javin Hunter was a USA Today All-American and three-time All-State selection.

The versatile basketball player met Javin Hunter, who would later become her best friend, at the University of Notre Dame when she was a student. Both athletes fell in love and tied a knot with each other while they were still in college. During the selection round of the WNBA Draft, Niele got pregnant. Despite being pregnant with Javin, Niele didn't want to give up the opportunity of 19th overall pick by the Indiana Fever in the 2001 WNBA Draft.

Jaden Ivey with his family
Jaden Ivey with his family ( Source : Americanstarbuzz )

An evergreen athlete Niele was a former WNBA player who spent five seasons with the Detroit Shock, Phoenix Mercury, and Indiana Fever. Niele has additionally served as an assistant coach for the Memphis Grizzlies, Xavier, and Notre Dame.

Going through the bio of Jaden's father he was picked in the 6th round by Baltimore Ravens in the 2002 NFL Draft and played in the NFL for 5 seasons for the Ravens and San Francisco 49ers.

Jaden Ivey Sisters and Brother:

When Jaden was a little child, his mother and father divorced. Being a single mother, Niele used to take Jorden everywhere. So, several members of the Notre Dame basketball team offered to assist Niele to take care of Jordan by watching him, babysitting him, and driving him to and from school.

Jaden Ivey with his team
Jaden Ivey with his team ( Source : Gettyimages )

Throughout his youth and adulthood, he spent a lot of time on the basketball court at Notre Dame. As a result, the team members and Jordan were able to build a great relationship, and Jordan saw them as big sisters. Likewise, they treat him as a younger brother, and he considers them as his family. In addition to this Jaden is also known to have a blood-related sibling, Jorden Hunter.

Jorden Hunter is Jaden's half-brother from his father's side. Jorden is the child of Jaden's father from his other relationship.

Who is Jaden's Girlfriend?

Jaden Ivey and Caitlyn Newton
Jaden Ivey and Caitlyn Newton ( Source : Sportblis )

The basketball player from Mishawaka, Indiana, keeps his relationships very quiet. Ivey hasn't posted anything even though he uses social media frequently. There has been no rumor of him dating to date.

As per the source, he has a lot of female pals, but none has captured his interest quite like Caitlyn Molly Newton. Since her high school days, Caitlyn Newton has excelled at volleyball. In both her junior and senior volleyball seasons, she received numerous awards.