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Jeffrey Lurie Wife Tina Laurie Is A Businesswoman With Experience On Operating Restaurant Business

Jeffrey Lurie has owned the Eagles since 1994
Jeffrey Lurie has owned the Eagles since 1994( Source : fandom )

Jeffrey Lurie wife Tina Lai Lurie is a businesswoman running a restaurant chain in Philadelphia. Tina Lai is the second spouse of the Eagles owner.

Born on September 8, 1951, as Jeffrey Robert Lurie, he grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. He has a bachelor of arts/science degree from Clark University and a Doctorate from Brandies University.

The 71-year-old grew up a huge sports fan in Boston. Growing up, he supported all the major sports teams from Massachusetts. He was more involved, however, with the Red Sox in MLB and the Patriots in the NFL, as he used to go to games regularly.

He comes from a family with a rich history in entertainment and cinema. His grandfather Phillip Smith had founded a production company, General Cinema Corporation. Lurie joined the company in 1983, headed by his uncle then, after his studies.

With a wealth of $4.4 Billion, Forbes ranks him as the 241st richest man in its 400 wealthiest people in America list. He is also the 851st richest person on earth.

Being a massive fan of the game, he wanted to purchase a franchise many times and even came close to acquiring the Patriots in 1993 but later backed out. However, it wouldn't be long before he bought a team, and in 1994, he purchased the Philadelphia Eagles for $185 million. His team went on to win its first Super Bowl title by defeating the NE Patriots in the 2017 edition, prolonging Tom Brady's wait to win his eventual 6th ring.

Jeffrey Lurie Partner Tina Lai Lurie

Jeffrey Lurie wife Tina Lai Lurie is a Vietnamese immigrant to the States. Born in 1973 Tina is the youngest in the household with seven siblings.

Tina relocated to the States in 1978 with her loved ones to flee from the harsh communist regime in their native land. When they escaped Vietnam, the Lai family had nothing, bar a few clothes. They had to live in the Malaysian refugee camp before finally arriving in Philadelphia.

Having started with just a small cafe in 1982, the Lais' slowly expanded their business. Lai Lurie and her family own multiple restaurants and operate a chain business in Philly.

Missus Lurie was appointed the manager of the Vietnam cafe in 2008.

Tina Lai Met Jeffrey At Her Restaurant

Tina and Jeffrey met at Lai's restaurant for the first time. They tied the knot not long after their first meetup.

The Eagles owner wed his beautiful partner on May 2013 at a ceremony held in North Carolina. Tina's love ones had the full support and backing for her and Jeffrey to take their relationship to a new level.

Lurie wed his beautiful partner in 2013
Lurie wed his beautiful partner in 2013 ( Source : inquirer )

Having come into the limelight after her marriage with the charismatic Eagles owner, the 49-year-old is a successful entrepreneur in her own right.

Tina used to assist her brother Benny lai to run their restaurant business in the city of brotherly love.

Jeffrey And Tina Have A Huge Age Gap

The beautiful 49-year-old wife of the Eagles owner is 22 years younger than her 71-year-old husband.

However, their massive age gap has not hindered their relationship any bit. The couple has a close bond and is often seen together in public, enjoying each other's company.

Jeffrey Was In A Marital Relationship Before Tina

Tina Lai is the second spouse of Jeffrey Lurie. Before Lai, he was in a marital relationship with Christina Weiss Lurie in 1992 until they divorced in 2012.

Christina is a fellow producer and is involved in the entertainment industry. Just like her ex-husband, Weiss comes from a Jewish background.

Jeffrey Lurie Ex spouse Christina still holds part ownership of the Eagles
Jeffrey Lurie Ex spouse Christina still holds part ownership of the Eagles ( Source : inquirer )

Jeffrey shares two kids with Christina, who still has a role in the Eagles franchise as their part owner.

Jeffrey Lurie Family Life

Jeffrey Lurie resides with his family in a $14 million mansion in Wynnewood Pennsylvania. Lurie has a son and a daughter from his previous relationship.

The billionaire bought the mansion in 2006. He and his wife are often seen together during events and ceremonies. Tina often accompanies her husband during his trips with the team.

Lurie resides with his family in a $14 million mansion
Lurie resides with his family in a $14 million mansion ( Source : phillymag )

Lurie comes from a well-to-do household, thanks to his grandfather, who started their family business in entertainment.

Jeffrey Has Two Kids

The Birds owner has two children from his first marriage with Christina.

Their son Julian Lurie was born in 1995, while their daughter Milena was born in 1993. Julian, now 28 years old, is involved with the Eagles full-time in their operations department.

The youngest sibling of Julian, Milena, has followed their parent's footsteps and is into movie production. She was heavily involved in the 2019 movie Entangled.

The Lurie's have significantly impacted both the NFL and the entertainment industry.