Who Is Jeremy Jacob Rocha, 20? Man Arrested For Shooting Fire Chief

Assistant fire chief ( Source : Thedenverchannel )

In relation to a shooting on Interstate 70 that resulted in the death of an assistant fire chief, a 20-year-old male was taken into custody on Thursday.

the incident on Interstate 70 last Saturday claimed the life of John Jaros, assistant chief of the Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department.

Early on Thursday, Jeremy Jacob Rocha, 20, was detained in Commerce City on suspicion of first-degree murder and four counts of attempted first-degree murder.

Who Is Jeremy Jacob Rocha- Man Arrested For Shooting Fire Chief

Early on Thursday morning, police in Commerce City detained 20-year-old Jeremy Jacob Rocha. Before making the arrest, investigators discovered numerous witnesses, involved vehicles, gathered evidence, and conducted numerous interviews. In addition to four counts of attempted first-degree murder, Rocha is charged with first-degree murder.

Shots fired into their truck by possible street racers caused a male driver to pass away in front of his wife and three children.

I-70 Shooing Scene
I-70 Shooing Scene ( Source : Denver )

CBS4 is informed by the family The victim of the shooting was John Jaros, 37. He was the Assistant Chief of the Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department and resided in Estes Park.

When the incident happened, he and his family were coming home from a camping trip, according to his father.

 Jeremy Jacob Rocha Mugshots And Jail Sentence

According to the Aurora Police Department, Jeremy Jacob Rocha is being detained on suspicion of four counts of first-degree attempted murder and one case of first-degree murder.

After speaking with witnesses, investigators named Rocha as a suspect.

The suspects may have been engaged in street racing when the shooting occurred, according to Aurora police, who earlier this week said they were looking for people driving a white sedan and a black sedan.

Before making the arrest, investigators spoke with a number of witnesses, according to Aurora police on Thursday.

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Twitter Reacts To Shooting Of Fire Cheif By Jeremy Jacob Rocha

Earlier this week, Chief Kevin Zagorda of the Glen Haven Area Volunteer Fire Department stated that the death of a father, husband, and the assistant fire chief was being discussed.

At a press conference scheduled for Thursday at 1, Aurora police plan to talk about the arrest. Both the Aurora Reward Fund and Metro Denver Crime Stoppers were giving out rewards for information that resulted in an arrest and a successful shooting prosecution.

The Bank of Estes Park has established a fund to assist his family. The Jaros Family Fund Donation Account is where donations for the family can be sent or received in person.

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