Was Jessie James Decker Cheating? About Her Weight Reddit & Brother Drama

Jessie James Decker at CMT Awards ( Source : Instagram )

Jessie James Decker, an American country pop singer-songwriter, former reality television personality, and entrepreneur, is creating a buzz on the internet following a lengthy candid post to her followers on her Instagram.

Jessie James Decker has established herself as a multi-platform powerhouse, mixing her work as a television personality with her involvement in fashion lines including her own, personally designed Kittenish line, which has three stores and is expanding.

She is a multi-talented performer who is signed to Warner Music Nashville. Her love for music has made her one of the genre's great breakout firebrands. On her self-titled first album from 2009, the singer's genuine manner captured listeners' attention right away.

The 34-year-old singer of "Should Have Known Better" wrote a long and emotional post on Instagram on Thursday, telling her millions of followers that she's "struggled these past two years" with anxiety and despair.

Was Jessie James Decker Cheating About Her Weight?

Jessie James Decker was not cheating about her weight. After discovering a Reddit thread criticizing her weight, the country singer and wife of former NFL star Eric Decker cried as she denounced body shamers.

Decker, 33, shared a link to the thread where "they're talking about, presumably, how heavy I've gotten, how boxy, and how bad my body looks" on her Instagram Story.

She remarked, "I simply can't believe this is still going on in the world, that people are doing this. It's quite horrific." Decker claimed that she has "100%" put on weight.

Decker begins to sob as she describes the posts as "disgusting," adding that she should stop reading them but that she is "just extremely surprised by it."

Jessie James Decker Reddit & Brother Drama Explained

The alleged altercation between Jessie James Decker and her younger brother John James is the JJD family drama on Reddit. The two siblings are no longer close because of the conflict. Reddit users were mentioning them nonstop after their family issues.

The reality show where the Deckers family got first introduced was the catalyst for everything. However, a Reddit user claims that the family has experienced a tremendous shift.

Jessie James Decker with her brother and sister
Jessie James Decker with her brother and sister ( Source : Pinterest )

A fan recently submitted screenshots of what appeared to be a chat with Jessie's brother, John James, in a Reddit thread. According to the article, John and his sister are no longer speaking since she pushed an improper conversation with them.

James claims his mother Karen pushed James' pregnant girlfriend at the end of the chat. Decker hasn't, though, addressed the conflict in the media. Therefore, the cause of the family rift is still a mystery to viewers.

Jessie James Decker Fat-Shaming And Family Feud Video

Jessie James Decker shared a touching video on Instagram in which she addressed an ongoing Reddit thread that reportedly criticizes her appearance, particularly her weight, in keeping with her promise to be truthful about who she is and what she portrays.

The country singer continued by stating that she has always believed it is her "responsibility" to "always be that bubbly girl." She married former NFL player Eric Decker in 2013.

"I am extremely fortunate to have healthy children and a wonderful, supportive husband. However, these past few years have undoubtedly been difficult for me."