Jessie James Decker Reddit Fat Shaming And Family Feud and Drama

Jessie James Decker for a photoshoot ( Source : Soundslikenashville )

Jessie James Decker revealed that she is battling depression amidst Reddit fat-shaming and family drama with her brother.

Decker is an American singer, pop star and reality TV star. She has released hit studio albums, EPs and singles like Wanted and Old Town Road.

However, she recently revealed how fame and fortune are not everything. Despite having it all on the surface, she is reportedly dealing with serious mental health problems. 

Jessie James Decker Discovers Horrific Fat-Shaming Reddit Post 

Jessie James Decker was traumatized after finding out a Reddit page dedicated to fat-shaming the singer. 

In March 2018, Jessie gave birth to her third son named Forrest Bradley. It is very normal for women to gain weight during and post-pregnancy. As such, she also put on a few pounds after the baby.  Nonetheless, James tried her best to get back to her previous shape. She even disclosed that she was trying South Beach Diet and living a healthy lifestyle.

However, some haters on the internet were sour about her weight gain for no reason. In a series of Instagram stories, the Comin' Home vocalist revealed that she came across a very disturbing Reddit post about her. On further inspection, she realized that some mean people were commenting about weight.

This was obviously very hurtful. She seemed very emotional in her stories and even stated, "It's mean and it's bullying". She further added, "rips me apart on a daily basis."

Nonetheless, James mentioned she doesn't have any negativity for her body, despite a few hateful comments. But, constant bullying might have finally got to her. 

Jessie James Decker Family Feud: Drama With Her Brother 

Along with her weight criticism, the Reddit page also addressed Jessie James Decker's family feud and drama with her brother.

Jessie is reportedly not on good terms with her brother, John Decker, and his wife. The issue became a hot topic after Decker's mother, Karen, unfollowed her son and daughter-in-law on her Instagram.

During a Spillover interview, John even opened up that he had not spoken to his sister and mother for many tears. Nevertheless, he did not have any bad blood with his family members.

However, the problem arose when netizens started about the family problems. They started badmouthing the singer without knowing the whole story and accusing her as the main villain.  

Candid About her Mental Health

The boiling turmoil in the past few years has really taken a toll on Jessie's mental health. In an Instagram post, she revealed that she is suffering from depression and anxiety.

In a lengthy statement, Decker wrote, "It's up-and-down. There have been really beautiful, amazing moments but also some pretty low lows." She further added, "My anxiety has gotten worse, my self-esteem, my confidence"

This was heartbreaking for her fans. People soon flooded the internet to support her and speak against online bullying. It was very brave of the singer to speak about her struggles. We hope that she recovers well. 

If you are someone struggling with mental illness, we highly request you get professional help.