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Jimmie Ward And His Girlfriend Christy West Are Planning A Wedding

Jimmie Ward Is In A Relationship With His Longtime Girlfriend, Cristy West ( Source : instagram )

The 49ers Free Agent Jimmie Ward has a girlfriend called Christy West. The couple is blessed with one son.

He plays free safety in American football for the National Football League's San Francisco 49ers. He played collegiate football at Northern Illinois and is a well-known name in the college football team of the university.

In the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, he was selected by the San Francisco 49ers, opening a door of new opportunities for the NFL star.

Ward and West have known each other since their childhood, and they are a perfect match for each other to continue their life together. His recent NFL performance for the 49ers against Arizona Cardinals is being praised by the match spectators and netizens worldwide. With this outstanding performance on the pitch, fans expect him to drop more exciting news of him getting engaged with his partner, which is most likely to happen anytime this NFL season.

Jimmie Ward Girlfriend Christy West

Jimmie is blessed to have a loving and supportive lady who is always by his side during every happy and challenging moment. His girlfriend, Christy West, has been in his life for quite a while now.

Along with her current boyfriend, Jimmie Ward, and her former partner, DeMarcus Cousins, West was raised in Mobile, Alabama. West claimed to have attended C.F. Vigor High School on her Facebook page. According to numerous sources, West dated Ward before she even met Cousins.

Jimmie Ward And Cristy West Have Known Each Other Since High School Days
Jimmie Ward And Cristy West Have Known Each Other Since High School Days ( Source : instagram )

Cousins physically threatened her during a cold phase of their relationship, and since then, she has separated from him and is now in a relationship with Ward. Ward and West's relationship has been on and off for six years. She and West are shown in a snapshot she released in February 2019. She wrote in that photo's caption that she preferred to spend her life with happy people rather than with people she had to impress.

Jimmie Ward Has A Baby Boy

Jimmie and Christy are blessed with a baby boy who came into this world in June 2022.

She was very subtle while announcing her pregnancy with minimal fancy photoshoots and events. Their kid is halfway through turning one and is having an absolute blast. He has got every facility required by a child while growing up.

Ward And West Are Blessed With A Son In March 2022
Ward And West Are Blessed With A Son In March 2022 ( Source : instagram )

However, this is not her first child; she has a son, around 8, with her former partner, DeMarcus Cousins. She loves both of her kids, and they were spotted together some weeks ago for a photoshoot where they wore their father's NFL jersey and posed with a basketball.

They expect their baby to become a basketball star like his father, but the kid has yet to decide the line of the profession that he wants to be, which he will do once he is of enough age.

Jimmie Ward And Christy West Relationship Timeline

Jimmie and Christy's relationship is a fairytale story and has come to a magical moment. They haven't planned anything about their future activities, but Christy gave hints about their wedding nearly a year ago.

Christy wasn't the love of Jimmie's life since the start of their college life, as they have known each other since then. She was in a relationship with their familiar friend, DeMarcus, while they were in college.

Jimmie Ward And Cristy West Started Dating In 2019
Jimmie Ward And Cristy West Started Dating In 2019 ( Source : instagram )

Cristy West started dating DeMarcus Cousin while still in high school. Leflore Magnet High School, his alma mater, was also relatively close to hers, so the ex-couple could get along and bloom their relationship. After a significant amount of time together, a relationship became official as 2012 saw the birth of their first child. They named him Amir, and to date, the young lad receives immense love from his parents.

However, their relationship couldn't gain closure as they decided to split up following personal complications. Their son moved in with the mother and now occasionally sees and interacts with her father. Cousin is now married to another lady named Morgan, and they are also happy.

In between all these activities, Jimmie Ward was discovered to be dating West in July 2019. They dated each other during high school, but they broke up their high school relationships and later again got reunited to complete their cycle of love.

They are blessed with a lovely kid and plan to make their relationship official by getting married.