Who Is Jimmy Failla Fox News Wife Jenny? Net Worth and Family Life

Jimmy Failla in a private plane
Jimmy Failla in a private plane

The lovable manner of comedian Jimmy Failla has made him more popular. Jimmy possesses a sense of humor and experience as a TV analyst and anchor. He is a guest on the show "Syndicate Fox across America with Jimmy Failla," which he hosts.

The show airs on Fox News Radio from Monday through Friday and is available to stream on Fox Nation,, and TuneIn. The program is additionally accessible on iTunes as a podcast.

The Ha! Comedy Club in Time Square and Caroline's on Broadway are where the comedian started his career. Since then, the well-known figure has made countless hilarious appearances. The comedian's most ardent supporter is his beautiful wife, Jenny Failla.

Who Is Jimmy Failla Fox News Wife Jenny? 

A radio host and comedian named Jimmy Failla is married to Jenny Failla, his true love. The couple made the world aware of their engagement on August 19, 2006. Jimmy and his wife still appear to be falling more and more in love after more than 15 years of marriage.

However, Jimmy has remained reserved and hasn't given many details regarding his marriage. They are hardly ever photographed together and have done a great job dodging the paparazzi's flashing lights.

On December 17, 1976, Jimmy was born and will be 45 in 2022, revealing their age disparity. It is also unknown how old his wife Jenny is because the information has not yet been posted online.

The couple appears to have no age gap, but this is probably because they are well acquainted. Jenny has supported her husband's career goals.

Jimmy is the primary writer for A-list Comedy, which sends out daily audio skits and topical humor to more than 200 radio stations around the nation. The couple's children comprise the loving family of three, which resides in New York.

Jimmy Failla's Net Worth In 2022

Jimmy Failla is thought to have a net worth of more than $5 million, according to the website the ancestory. He mostly earned this money from his lucrative jobs as a stand-up comedian and a TV personality. He travels regularly and frequently drives luxury cars.

Big Top Press made his first book, Follow That Car!, available to the public in March 2014. In March 2020, he was chosen to host the program. He has also made appearances on Sirius XM's Maxim Radio since June 2006.

Failla has made appearances on programs like this, including the eighth season of NBC's America's Got Talent in July 2013 and Richard Hammond's Crash Course on BBC America's Gotham Comedy Live on AXS Television in November 15, 2012.

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More On Jimmy Failla Family Life

Jimmy Failla is a well-liked comic in his audience who has chosen to remain anonymous about his parents' names and background.

The radio DJ rarely uploads pictures to his social media pages; when he does, they are always images from his job. Jimmy, however, cherishes his family and looks forward to his time spent with them. He hasn't yet made any formal references to reports about his background and origins. Based on his Instagram bio, Jimmy might be American Indian.

His success as a radio host and a writer must please his parents. The famous individual ensures his parents are acknowledged for his professional achievements.

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