John Lynch Family Life Growing Up With Parents John Lynch Sr And Cathy Lynch As One Of Three Kids

John Lynch pictured with his wife Linda and their kids-Jake, Lindsay, Lillien and Leahin 2017
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John Lynch family have an age old history of sports. Lynch parents and wife have all dabbled in various games.

Raised in a competitive household, elder Lynch trained his two sons, John and his brother Ryan from a young age. He was also the reason why his son got the courage not only to take on any player on the pitch but also to profess his love to his crush Linda.

Now the two are parents to four kids, with John's son Jake looking to make a career in football. Their daughter, Lindsay is also an athlete. 

The general manager of San Franciso 49ers didn't have the best of starts when he first took up the role in 2017. Nine consecutive losses fizzled out the season early. But in recent years the nine-time pro-bowler has brought the 49ers to peak form.

With Kyle Shanahan, the two have formed a strong partnership and now their rookie QB Brock Purdy, are looking to begin a new era in San Francisco. 

John Lynch Father And Mother Have A History In Sports

John Lynch parents John Lynch Sr and Cathy Lynch are former athletes who instilled competitive spirit. 

Born to two former athletes in Hinsdale, Illinois in 1971, Lynch grew up alongside his brother, Ryan and Kara Lynch. Lynch Sr once said he had predicted his son would become a great athlete when he was only 18 months old. 

His mother, Cathy was a multi-sport athlete in her heyday. From golf to tennis to field hockey, Cathy even participated in marathons. The couple set a high standard for their kids in sports and academics.

John Lynch Sr Is A Former Steeler

John Lynch father was drafted by Pittsburgh Steelers in the 13th round of the NFL but couldn't continue his career because of a knee injury. But he went on to live his dream through his son. 

If you ever wondered what propelled John Lynch to become one of the greatest NFL players then you don't need to look for it, his father John Lynch Sr was always beside him. 

John Lynch parents, Lynch Sr and Cathy Lynch pictured in 2021.
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After early retirement from football, John Lynch Sr put his broadcasting degree from Drake University to use and joined the media sector and for years he ruled in it.

It was a difficult start for Lynch Sr, but soon under him, KFMB stations started doing numbers. He became a household name and then dived into the business side of the sector. He became the owner of the Noble Broadcast Group and later sold the company for $152 million. 

John Lynch was a guest in the radio show Honor Radio Episode in 2020
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The businessman surrounded his children with every sports material possible from a young age. He made John and his siblings competitive and would tell John to get up and get back even if he suffered from a concussion. 

In an interview, John said he probably would've been lambasted if it was in today's situation. There wasn't a single game John would miss watching his two sons play when they were in school, even though he would have to fly out to New York for business dealings constantly.

The confidence that the elder Lynch gave his kid certainly helped him become the great player he became in the NFL. 

John Lynch Wife Played Tennis

John Lynch wife Linda Lynch is a former tennis player at the University of Southern California. John and Linda knew each other from high school. 

But love didn't blossom there, the former NFL player always had a crush on the tennis player but could never conjure up the courage to tell her. Linda played in minor leagues and put a full stop to her career after college.  

Linda Lynch as seen handing out scholarship to the members of John Lynch Foundation
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A shy teenager, John would go to watch Linda's tennis matches but never stayed till the end to talk to her. Linda did take notice of it and talked about their love story in an interview with the NFL

Lynch Sr can also take huge credit for helping his son confess his feeling to Linda as he invited his daughter-in-law for dinner, and that is when John confessed his love for her. The couple is the parents of four kids and will have been married for thirty years in 2024. 

Jake Lynch Has Followed In The Footsteps of His Father

John Lynch son Jake Lynch is a graduate of Stanford University and a linebacker for the Stanford Cardinals.

Standing at 6ft 2, Jake has been blessed with similar athletic structures as his dad and is three-time Pac-12 Fall Academic Honor Roll. 

Jake Lynch pictured in the Stanford colors as he looks at the crowd after the game
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Available on Twitter with the username @jake_lynch7, the firstborn of John and Linda is usually seen sharing everything related to sports. An obvious fan of the San Francisco 49ers, Jake is also a big fan of Manny Machado's San Diego Padres. 

It is to be seen whether Jake continues his football career at Stanford or head elsewhere in the coming seasons, but there is also a good chance that he will put his science, tech, and society degree from Stanford a good use in the coming years. 

John And Linda Lynch Share Three Daughters

John Lynch and Linda are parents to three daughters, including Lindsay, Leah and Lillian. Their oldest daughter, Lindsay Lynch, is also an athlete.

The eldest daughter of the football manager, Lindsay, is a former tennis player at Santa Clara University. During her high school days at Cathedral Catholic in San Diego and Sacred Heart Pep, she won West Bay Athletic Leagues Single Champion in 2018. 

Lindsay Lynch, the elder daughter of John Lynch is an athlete at Santa Clara
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Lindsay was an honorable mention for All-CIF San Diego in 2017 and was named second-team All-CIF San Diego in 2016 and 2015. At Santa Clara, Lindsay only saw action as a freshman and didn't play in her sophomore season. 

Currently, Lindsay is on the event staff of the Santa Clara University Athletic Department and was previously a leasing consultant at the Douglas Allred Company. She is available on Instagram with the username @lindsay__lynch but has kept her account private.

Her two younger sisters, Leah and Lillian are away from the public limelight, but John did mention Leah in his press conference in 2017 after accepting the role of general manager of the 49ers. 

The NFL star said Leah started bawling hearing the news about her father's signing for the 49ers, and when he tried to calm her down and ask her why she was reacting that way, Leah said, "The 49ers are horrible." 

John Lynch Grew Up With One Brother And Sister

John Lynch brother Ryan Lynch is a former baseball player having played with the San Diego Padres.

In an interview with Tampa Bay Times, in 2000, John revealed that his younger brother was a left-handed pitcher at the Padres organization. Ryan, who is three years younger than his sibling, started heading to the gym with him and their dad at the age of 5.

John Lynch pictured with his dad and his younger brother Ryan in 2020
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Though John went on to make a stellar career in football, he was known for his baseball exploits too. The two brothers would compete in Little League games with their father, making sure to attend every single one of them games.

Unlike his brother, Ryan didn't have a career in sports and has maintained a distance from the limelight and is a co-CEO of a real estate investment company. In recent years, Ryan was pictured with his sibling and dad after the NFC Championship game in January 2020.

John Lynch Family

John Lynch comes from a family well versed in the world of sports. 

John grew up in an affluent family with his dad being a millionaire by selling his broadcast business for eight figures in 1996. John Lynch Sr, a former football player and a retired radio personality, raised his three kids teaching them that the Lynchs never take B's.

As competitive as he sounds, John called his dad a tough-love teddy bear in an interview with San Franciso Chronicles, where he talked about growing up with his fierce dad. His mom, Cathy, a former golf and tennis player, is called the best athlete in the family.

John Lynch pictured with family and friends at the Levis Stadium as they attend a Taylor Swift concert in 2018
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He was raised alongside his three siblings, Ryan and Kara. Rayn briefly played baseball and is currently the co-CEO of a real estate investment company. His sister, Kara, currently runs a health and wellness company.

In 1994, a year after he was drafted, John tied the knot with his high school crush, Linda. Linda was a star tennis player at the University of Southern California and grew up alongside her brother John Allred, the former tight end of the Chicago Bears.

Linda and John went on to have four children, including Jake, Lindsay, Leah and Lillien. As they say, apples don't fall far from the tree. John's firstborn, Jake, is a football player for Stanford University, and his daughter, Lindsay, is a hockey player. 

It is to be seen whether Jake will follow in the footsteps of his father and make a career in football or will take his grandfather and his uncle and make a career in a field other than football. After all, Lynch's never take Bs and they do have a history of succeeding in fields other than sports.