Johnny McClain whose birth name is Johnny McClain III was born on September 15, 1967. He was passionate about boxing which he started pursuing at the age of 10. He went on to become a successful boxing champion over the years after moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. In 2000, Johnny McClain got married to Laila Ali who is the daughter of the greatest boxer of all times, Mohammad Ali. Unfortunately, Johnny and Laila divorced in 2005 but until that time Johnny was managing Laila’s boxing career. 


Quick facts about Johnny McClain

Birth Name: Johnny McClain III 

Alias: Yahya

Birth Date: September 15, 1967 

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

 Height: 189cm 

Marital status: Divorced 

Ex-wife: Laila Ali 

Occupation: Professional boxer, entrepreneur, author


Let us look at some 5 interesting facts about Johnny McClain, Laila Ali's ex-husband


1. Johnny McClain is Laila Ali's ex-husband

After dating for a while, Johnny McClain tied the knot on August 27, 2000. Besides being Laila’s husband, Johnny was also her manager in her boxing career. Five years later the couple could not stand each other anymore hence they decided to get divorced in 2005. Johnny and Laila did not have any children together for the five years that they were married. Johnny also stopped managing Laila’s career and each moved on with their lives.

2. Johnny’s biggest accomplishment was building the brand Laila Ali

In a number of interviews Johnny McClain, Laila Ali's ex-husband has been quoted as saying his biggest accomplishment as a promoter was not organizing historical female fights but building the brand Laila Ali. Johnny organized some of the biggest female fights in the history of boxing like Laila Ali vs. Jackie Frazier and Laila Ali vs. Christy Martin.  Building the brand Laila Ali was more of keeping her undefeated as a female professional boxer. Johnny McClain, Laila Ali's ex-husband pursued Laila’s endorsements, building her image and organizing boxing fights between her and other renowned female boxers. Johnny used the knowledge he had of boxing to better Laila and guide her career following the footsteps of her dad Mohammad Ali who was ‘The Greatest’ legendary boxing champion

3. Johnny McClain pursued boxing at a tender age of 10 years

Johnny McClain also known as 'Yahya' grew an interest in the sport of boxing and began pursuing boxing as a career at the young age of 10. As a young boxer, he achieved a lot thus making him travel throughout the country for boxing championships. In 1990 Johnny traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, commonly known as 'the Boxing Capital of the World,' so as to further his professional boxing career. After a number of fights, he managed to become the WBC Continental American Light Heavyweight Champion in June 1995. Johnny advanced in weight which led him to become the WBU Cruiser Weight Champion of the World, not once but twice in his career.