Jonathan Foster Murder: Where Is Mona Nelson Now? "Missing on Christmas Eve" Case Story

Houston's Jonathan Foster murder case happened over a decade ago and it is still fresh in some people's minds. Let's explore his missing case below.

Jonathan Foster was a young boy who was tragically murdered more than 10 years ago.

The deceased garnered lots of prayers and sympathies after being a victim at a young age and suffered atrocities.

Jonathan Foster Murder: Where Is Mona Nelson Now? "Missing on Christmas Eve" Case Story

Jonathan Foster was a twelve-year-old boy who suddenly went missing on Christmas Eve in 2010.

A few days later, the unfortunate news about his dead body being found became known. Jonathan was from Houston, Texas.

Most of the audience got to know about Foster's disappearance from the Nancy Grace Show. The show kept on highlighting the case on her show in hopes of finding this young boy as soon as possible.

Later, after vigorous investigation, the public got to learn that Jonathan was abducted and killed by Mona Nelson. And, for committing such heinous crimes, Foster got convicted of capital murder and ultimately got sentenced to life in prison without parole as per Chron.

Thus, that means, Mona Nelson is presently serving her time behind bars given her life imprisonment punishment.

Nelson kept on denying murdering Foster in court and told them that she would not harm anybody. 

Details On Jonathan Foster Parents And Family 

About Jonathan Foster's parents, the deceased's mother Angela Motal told that she had already forgiven the killer Mona Nelson long ago.

It is found that Jonathan's parents were divorced and were leaving separately. Angela wanted to ask so many questions Nelson for why she killed an innocent young boy but the mother found it hard to interrogate her son's killer.

As per the investigations, it was also reported that Nelson told she was helping Jonathan's stepfather David Davis dispose of a full trash can. Later, Jonathan's stepfather was taken for inquiry and was cleared of any wrongdoings. As at the time of the occurrence of the crime, Davis was captured on video at a bar.

Jonathan Foster Photos

Jonathan Foster's photos could be seen on social media such as Facebook easily.