Who Is Joseph Ngata From Clemson Tigers? Parents Patricia and Ray Are Proud

Joseph Ngata is an American football player.
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 Joseph Ngata is a 21 years old American football player from Folsom, California, United States, born on the 9th of January 2001.

Ngata plays collegiate football as a wide receiver for the Clemson Tigers with jersey no. 10, and he is in his senior years; the athlete joined Clemson in the 2019 season.

The footballer started his athletic career as a young soccer player as he played the sport when he was five but chose to play American football as he grew up. So, he persuaded his dad to follow his dream of becoming a professional footballer and played for Folsom High School before making it to Clemson University.

Name Joseph Ngata
Other names Joe Ngata
Date of Birth9th January 2001
ParentsRaymond Ngata, Patricia Ngata
SiblingsAriel Ngata, Daniyel Ngata

Who Is Joseph Ngata From Clemson?

Joseph Ngata is an athlete who plays American football for the Clemson Tigers as a wide receiver and competes in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision while representing Clemson University. 

Joseph Ngata is an athlete from Clemson Tigers.
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Clemson initially offered him on the 11th of January 2018, and he committed to playing his collegiate career for the Tigers on the 28th of July 2018. He signed the letter of intent on the 19th of December 2018 and officially enrolled on the 6th of January 2019.

Before that, he attended and played high school football for Kris Richardson at Folsom High School with jersey no. 10. The footballer led the Folsom team in the 2018 state championship victory with nine receptions for 103 yards and a score. Moreover, the Cincinnati Bengals' quarterback Jake Browning attended the same high school as Joseph.

Joseph Ngata Has Supportive Parents

Ngata has the most encouraging parents one could ask for; he has become an incredible athlete with values thanks to his beloved mother and father. 

The athlete's dad always supported him in every decision and taught him the importance of education but never stopped him from playing sports; the value of education is the family's top priority, and they always envisioned their children attending college.

Joseph Ngata with his beloved family members.
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The standard in the house is a college education with a minimum Masters's degree, and Joseph never disappointed them. He is a straight-A student majoring in psychology at Clemson University; furthermore, the footballer completed a micro internship with Adobe in spring 2022.

Patricia and Raymond Ngata Are Proud Of Their Son Joseph Ngata

Patricia is Joseph's beloved mother, and Raymond is the footballer's proud father; they are the ones who groomed the athlete and inspired him to never give up on his hopes and dreams.

Raymond was born in Cameroon and ventured to the United States after graduating high school in the early 1990s. He moved to States to attend college in Washington, D.C., and enrolled at the University of the District of Columbia.

Likewise, Patricia is also from Cameroon and is active on the social networking site under the handle @patriciaengata; however, momma Ngata has made only one post on social media and has accumulated 265 followers.

How Joseph Ngata's Mom And Dad Met

Joseph's mom and dad met while they were college students; they hung out, got to know each other, fell in love, and eventually committed to spending eternity together.

Both are initially from Cameroon and immigrated to Reno, Nevada, upon graduation. They intended to study and return home, but the conditions and opportunities halted them. 

Although they are from a county with convenience, they settled in America, leaving behind everything the pair already had for an unknown environment; they had a strong will to have a better life.

Furthermore, their son Joe inherited their eagerness to reach their limits; the athlete is a guy with big dreams and wanted to move to Texas to attend college on the other side of the country. Ngata wished to enroll in the best school in the nation at Allen, Texas but joined California's top football program, Folsom.

Joseph Ngata Has Two Siblings

Ngata has gotten blessed to have two brothers by his side, but he does not have a sister; he is the middle child of his parents.

The athlete grew up playing and goofing around with his brothers, Ariel Ngata and Daniyel Ngata; Ariel is the eldest, and Daniyel is the younger one.

A childhood picture of Joseph Ngata with his siblings.
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Furthermore, Ariel goes by the handle @wutwudchodo and has shared three posts on his Instagram account. Moreover, he has accumulated 845 followers, and his bio recites his brother's keeper; the siblings seem to have a strong bond.

Moreover, Daniyel has also created an account on the social networking site with the username @daniyelngata; he has shared seven attachments, and 4.5k users have followed him to witness his journey.

Joseph Ngata And His Brothers Grew Up Playing Soccer

The loving brothers of Joseph are also into athletics; they began playing soccer together when they were young but chose to play American football in their high school and collegiate career.

Although being good soccer players, they decided to play football because it's the primary discipline in high school and the whole nation, and nothing compares to college football and the NFL.

Ariel Ngata Is A Washington Linerback

Ariel played as a linebacker for Washington and got selected in the 2017 U.S. Army All-American Bowl; moreover, he stands 6 feet and 3 inches tall and weighs 213 lbs.

Ariel Ngata played for Washington as a linerbacker.
Source : espn

The linebacker receiver offers from Brigham Young Cougars, Nevada Wolf Pack, San Jose State Spartans, Arizona Wildcats, Oregon Ducks, and more. However, he enrolled at Washington Huskies on the 14th of July 2017 and transferred to Sacramento State Hornets on the 25th of February 2020.

Daniyel Ngata Is An American Football Running Back

Daniyel is 5 feet and 9 inches tall running back, weighing 195 pounds, who enrolled at Arizona State Sun Devils on the 7th of January 2020.

Daniyel Ngata played as a running back.
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The running back received offers from Alabama Crimson Tide, Tennessee Volunteers, Oklahoma State Cowboys, and Texas A&M Aggies, but he committed to play for the Sun Devils.

Joseph Ngata And Family Are Christian 

Joseph belongs to a Christian family and has a paramount standard set to lead a prosperous life; his parents are from Africa living in America.

Raymond and Patricia gave birth to children and raised them with Christian values; their kids are a mix of American and African cultures, and the Ngatas value education over everything.

Joseph Ngata is a mix of African-African following Christianity.
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Furthermore, Ray has always been there for the athlete as his backbone; his dad has helped him make his life decisions. He made his son choose his top five schools and promised to visit all of them together. 

Papa Ngata was surprised when the footballer chose Clemson, which was quite far from their home, but he didn't break his promise, and watching his excitement filled his heart with joy. His parents were satisfied with Clemson as it offered everything they wanted; furthermore, they never tried to push him into pursuing something he was uncomfortable doing. 

Joseph Ngata Age: How Old Is The Athlete?

Joseph is 21 years old; he made it to the world healthy from his mom's belly in 2001 in Folsom, California, United States.

The athlete blows the candle to celebrate another round around the sun on the 9th of January. Furthermore, his zodiac is the tenth astrological sign Capricorn, symbolized by a sea goat.

The 21 years old Joseph Ngata plays for Clemson with jersey no.10.
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As his star sign says that people belonging to Capricorns are the hardest workers, and he is; Swinney expressed that the athlete is one of the most focused and committed young players he has ever seen. 

Furthermore, he is ambitious, determined, and strong, working hard to pursue his dream by honing his skills and devoting himself to improving every day. He keeps going and dreams big without doubting his worth and has the best parents who help him grow. 

Joseph Ngata Height And Weight 

Ngata stands tall with a listed height of 6 feet and 2 inches tall while weighing 224 lbs; as per the National recruiting editor Brandon Huffman, his length provides him an advantage in jump-ball situations. 

Brandon shared that the athlete has a great catch radius and is a superb route runner with soft hands, but his size and speed would make him a problem for prominent corners in college.

Joseph Ngata stands tall, with a listed height of 6 feet and 3 inches.
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Furthermore, according to him, Joseph catches the ball away from his body, and it will be challenging to press him due to his size. Moreover, he is a threat to score in the red zone every time, and although he doesn't have elite speed, he gets consistent separation and gets behind secondaries relatively quickly.

Likewise, the footballer can get tremendous after the catch, making defenses pay for not making the initial tackle, and he has gotten ranked as a four-star prospect by 247 sports.

Joseph Ngata Is Active On Social Media

Joseph has created an official account on Instagram and Twitter; he is active on Instagram under the username @goatsephh.

The footballer has made 16 attachments on the social media platform while sharing his lifestyle as an athlete but has chosen to keep the details relating to his inner life concealed under closed doors.

He has accumulated 14.3k followers as of the 15th of September, 2022. He has also created a few highlights on his profile to share the stories that fade by 24 hours with his new admirers.

Ngata joined Twitter in January 2015, and 5.5k users have followed him on social networking. Furthermore, the athlete has made 3.7k tweets and shared 28 photos to keep his well-wishers updated on his achievements and games; moreover, he has maintained his professionalism.